rePLAY ISE 2022 — That’s a Wrap

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rePLAY ISE 2022 has officially come to a close, but first, a quick recap of session two. This time, the session contained curated content aimed toward our viewers in the United States rather than Europe. Our hosts, Steph Beckett and Emily Dean, picked out some great content we gathered in Barcelona at ISE 2022 to showcase to viewers. Emily has truly impressed us during her first debut in front of the camera and we can’t wait to find out when we’ll see her in the spotlight again. So, without further ado, here’s a quick overview of session two.

A “Slightly Chaotic” Show Floor

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First up during the session was a tour of the show floor with Steph and Gary Kayye during rAVe [TV] that showcased just how busy it was. While Gary couldn’t be there in person, it was still great to hear feedback from him during the tour. Some brands highlighted were Absen with its installs in different shapes, Christie and its logo that showcased microtiles LED and LG and its monorail solution that included a transparent OLED display. Steph and Emily discussed how numerous exhibitors kept up with the theme of showcasing solutions and how they’re meant to be used in “real life.”

Steph then continued her tour that glanced at Panasonic, Crestron’s esports solutions that utilize AV-over-IP, LANG AG’s interactive displays and Samsung’s solutions geared towards retail. Steph and Emily also checked out a short slideshow we put together that showcased even more content from the show floor. Fun fact: We captured over 1,200 pictures!

Interviews and Booth Tours

During our time at ISE 2022, Emily and Steph conducted numerous booth tours and executive interviews with rePLAY ISE 2022 partners. Emily interviewed Rick Corteville on the DTEN stand and they discussed DTEN’s focus on collaboration equity with its solutions, its InfoComm plans and more. Emily then met with Nancy Knowlton from Nureva to talk about the company’s product updates, some company news and some teasers about announcements the company is making at InfoComm.

One trend that was present on the show floor was meeting equity. We watched an interview between Steph Beckett and Scott Wharton of Logitech that addressed meeting equity and how it applies to the Rally Bar, Logi Dock and more. Finally, Emily had a great time touring Epson’s booth with Mark Roslon that showcased projection solutions and new tools for integrators.

Even More Videos

Next up, Steph and Emily highlighted some product videos that they found particularly interesting. To start, we checked out Sharp/NEC’s partnership with Vitra for the Dancing Wall, a mobile partition for flexible zones. As soon as Gary saw this video, he immediately expressed his desire to put some in the rAVe office. Then, we watched Logitech’s demo of their dedicated UCC device intended for home office use — Logi Dock all-in-one Docking Station, speakerphone. During the trade show, Barco made an exciting announcement about its addition of TruePix LED with X/Y/Z-axis adjustments and second-gen Infinipix image processing. We also checked out a debut by Holoplot of its all-new speaker tech, X1 matrix array, with horizontal-vertical control. Finally, we saw Optoma’s feature of its FHDQ130+ all-in-one dvLED display that can be daisy-chained via splice mode.

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That was only part one of our product highlights, though! Steph and Emily hand-picked five more products to showcase during session two. Emily talked about Audinate Dante Studio and the addition of video to it. We watched demos from AV Stumpfl of the new PIXERA XR Stage Setup for virtual and XR productions, Jupiter’s Pana 105D 21:9 display in portrait mode for experiential digital signage, C SEED’s outdoor folding LED and BrightSign’s use of gesture recognition for user control in digital signage.

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All-in-all we’d call rePLAY ISE 2022 a success. We took over 1,200 pictures and over 800 videos during ISE 2022, so we just skimmed the surface during rePLAY. The two-session event was intended to highlight some new technology we saw and talk about some of the team’s personal favorites from the show floor. If you couldn’t make it to the live event, we have it on demand for you to enjoy at your convenience. Don’t forget to check out our ISE 2022 microsite to find the rest of the content and we will see you for the next show — InfoComm 2022 in Las Vegas! Also, if you haven’t registered for InfoComm yet, do so using the code RAVE to gain free access to the show.