Rants and rAVes — Episode 1008: Who the Heck Is Nialli?


A new company made its debut this week: Nialli. Nialli is a wholly owned subsidiary of Nureva (check out the story Gary wrote about it Tuesday). Also, here’s a fun fact: The CEO is Nancy Knowlton of Nureva fame! Gary recorded this videocast with Nancy Wednesday to get the scoop — so watch and learn all about this new venture! Podcast: Play […]

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Nureva Launches Microphone Array and Immersive Wrap-Around SPAN System at InfoComm 2016


Nureva’s new HDL-300 is the company’s first entry into the audio market. It’s basically a microphone array in a speaker-bar-like configuration designed to solve all meeting room mic issues by creating over 8100 virtual mics and allows you to pick up audio (equally) from anywhere in a room (up to 20’x20’). I hooked up with […]

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Nureva Is Ready to Sign Up Dealers


Nureva announced yesterday that it’s ready to set up a dealer channel in North America. The company offers a compelling proposition for dealers who are focused on building markets for new products that is based on three components — innovative products, strong financial rewards and integrated team approach. The financial rewards recognize the active market-development […]

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Nancy Knowlton Debuts Nureva and Its Product — the Span Ideation System


Nancy Knowlton, president, CEO and co-founder of Nureva talks about Nureva’s exciting new technology — the Span ideation system. This technology moves away from simple collaboration technology and offers a whole new collaboration tool that supports the ideation process from start to finish. This technology takes a traditionally analog/paper-based process and offers a simple yet […]

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