rePLAY ISE 2022 — That’s a Wrap

May 19, 2022

rePLAY ISE 2022 has officially come to a close, but first, a quick recap of session two. This time, the session contained curated content aimed toward our viewers in the United States rather than Europe. Our hosts, Steph Beckett and Emily Dean, picked out some great content we gathered in Barcelona at ISE 2022 to […]

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Rants and rAVes — Episode 1008: Who the Heck Is Nialli?

September 23, 2020

A new company made its debut this week: Nialli. Nialli is a wholly owned subsidiary of Nureva (check out the story Gary wrote about it Tuesday). Also, here’s a fun fact: The CEO is Nancy Knowlton of Nureva fame! Gary recorded this videocast with Nancy Wednesday to get the scoop — so watch and learn all about this new venture! Podcast: Play […]

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Nureva Launches Microphone Array and Immersive Wrap-Around SPAN System at InfoComm 2016

June 8, 2016

Nureva’s new HDL-300 is the company’s first entry into the audio market. It’s basically a microphone array in a speaker-bar-like configuration designed to solve all meeting room mic issues by creating over 8100 virtual mics and allows you to pick up audio (equally) from anywhere in a room (up to 20’x20’). I hooked up with […]

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Gary Speaks to Nureva’s Nancy Knowlton About Its EMEA Debut

February 9, 2016

Nureva is here at ISE to sign up distributors. Nureva SPAN is making its debut in the EMEA market here at ISE 2016 and Gary caught up with founder, Nancy Knowlton, who explains the concept behind SPAN and what they’re EMEA plans are.

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Nureva Is Ready to Sign Up Dealers

August 25, 2015

Nureva announced yesterday that it’s ready to set up a dealer channel in North America. The company offers a compelling proposition for dealers who are focused on building markets for new products that is based on three components — innovative products, strong financial rewards and integrated team approach. The financial rewards recognize the active market-development […]

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Nancy Knowlton Debuts Nureva and Its Product — the Span Ideation System

June 18, 2015

Nancy Knowlton, president, CEO and co-founder of Nureva talks about Nureva’s exciting new technology — the Span ideation system. This technology moves away from simple collaboration technology and offers a whole new collaboration tool that supports the ideation process from start to finish. This technology takes a traditionally analog/paper-based process and offers a simple yet […]

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