rePLAY InfoComm 2022 — We’re Just Getting Started

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rePLAY InfoComm 2022 kicked off today, and we have an exciting recap of Day One for you! We had a great time in Las Vegas gathering content (over 1,100 videos and over 12,000 photos) on the show floor that we will be showcasing over the next three days during our InfoComm rewind. Day one started with a quick introduction from Steph Beckett, Gary Kayye and Megan A. Dutta, where they explained the ins and outs of rePLAY and gave a few brief remarks on how they thought InfoComm 2022 went.

A Tour of the West Hall 

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First up, we watched a clip of Gary Kayye’s high-energy and interactive show walk-through of the West Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center. He passed by and commented on the booths of Listen Technologies, HDBaseT, Sennheiser, Zoom, Audio-Technica, Alleo, Elmo and Poly. By the end of the short tour, we were tired just from watching!

Megan A. Dutta — UNSCRIPTED

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During each day of rePLAY, our hosts, Megan and Steph, will be meeting with numerous AV pros and guests to discuss what they think of InfoComm 2022. For our first UNSCRIPTED session of the day, Megan met with Alexis La Broi. As we’ve heard from many others, Alexis said she thought the show was “amazing” due to the number of attendees and exhibitors there. It allowed for more networking and socializing, which we can all agree has been a challenging hole to fill in the past couple of years. However, while seeing each other in person again has been great, Alexis made the point that InfoComm proved we need an increase in the number of in-person events we have because of how starved everyone was from it. Our excitement about getting together seemed to overshadow the excitement about the exhibited new technology.

However, that didn’t stop Alexis and MANY others from being blown away from The Wall at Samsung.

“It stopped me in my tracks and I just stood there and I was mesmerized.”

Steph Beckett — UNSCRIPTED

For our second UNSCRIPTED session of the day, Steph brought on Mark Coxon, who, like Alexis, started off talking about the people at InfoComm. Mark expressed that he knew it didn’t set a record, but it felt like the busiest show he had ever been to.

Mark’s takeaways from his time in Las Vegas were that digital signage was back in a big way and that booths were more experiential than they have been in the past. Now, exhibitors are making designs more application-driven rather than just products on pedestals.

Mark expressed an interesting idea at the end of the session: to double down on experience and venues. He suggested having a “White Room Challenge” where people can go “hog wild” to create a full technology-driven experience.

The UCC Report

Throughout rePLAY, we will be having different reports on industry verticals, and today we covered UCC! Steph met with Sharath Abraham and Nic Milani to talk about their thoughts on the show, the hybrid workplace, Plug-and-play solutions, thinking of end users in terms of generation and more.

A heavy focus was placed on video by Nic and how we are at “day zero.” We have relied on what we have as a survival tool, and he’s interested in what video products will look like once they go beyond that. He expressed that video should be strategic and create more efficient communication so people can have a flow to a work day and be uninterrupted by technology.

“The goal should be that technology is air for work. We shouldn’t think to breathe.”

Sharath expressed his choice to use the word “flexible” rather than “hybrid” when talking about the workspace because we need UCC products that allow us to stay home or go into the office to work effortlessly, enabling us to be productive anywhere. He also touched on plug-n-play and the reality of end-users having high expectations of what a product can do but wanting it to be ready to use straight out of the box. Sharath explained that this phenomenon allows integrators to differentiate themselves by offering training to end users once the install is done.

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There was plenty of more awesome content these three covered that would make my recap article too long but that you should definitely watch. Make sure to check it out when day 1 is available on-demand!

Megan — UNSCRIPTED Part 2

Megan’s second Unscripted session of the day was with Joey D’Angelo, where they discussed the role of consultants in the industry and how VR design services should be the standard.

Like almost everyone we spoke to today, Joey focused on the people and reconnecting with others when it came to his InfoComm experience. For him, it was the first time he had even met some of his colleagues, and it had been over two years since seeing others.

Technology-wise, Joey listed a few things that stood out to him, such as Shure‘s new microphone, some products from Lightware, Crestron‘s virtual options, Samsung’s lead times going back to normal and LG and Panasonic‘s projectors.

Steph — UNSCRIPTED Part 2

The final Unscripted session of the day was between Steph and Shameka Dunbar. Shameka was only able to attend the show for one day, but that didn’t stop her from making the most out of her trip and her first time at InfoComm in Las Vegas.

Shameka was very people-focused for her InfoComm experience. While she expressed her difficulty with having as many one-on-one conversations as she did at 2021’s InfoComm, she still said it was a success when it came to making connections with others.

One hope she has for InfoComm 2023 is more networking events hosted by companies or AVIXA where people can come together, congregate and connect.

Booth Tours and Interviews

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Gary, Steph and Emily (that’s right, she’s back in front of the camera!) shot a multitude of executive interviews and booth tours that we showcased during Day One of rePLAY InfoComm.

John Baker gave Gary a tour of the TD SYNNEX booth. Gary got to check out the different companies and products featured that showed their focus at InfoComm was on collaboration and technology. Daniel Iannantuoni of Matrox led Gary around the booth to discuss a few things, including ConvertIP, which uses IPMX, the Maevex product line and their control system application, Extio 3. For our final tour of the day, we got to check out Logitech‘s booth with Gary and Alex Mooney, highlighting the different products one can use every day, from waking up to arriving at the office, such as the Rally Bar and Logi Dock.

Steph met with Nancy Knowlton from Nureva to discuss the company’s education and collaboration solutions. She also spoke with AG Neovo‘s Jason Pareja about AG Neovo’s digital signage, UCC displays.

Gary met up with Piet Vanhuyse to find out why Barco says the TruePix LED Platform is a game-changer. Finally, Emily Dean made an appearance for her interview with Randy Smith from Winsted about InfoComm, rebranding and new products from the company!

Videos, Videos oh did we mention we took videos?

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During Day One of rePLAY InfoComm 2022, we showcased many product videos that our reporters shot during the show and categorized them into themes for the day: miscellaneous, projection, dvLED advancement and integrated AI. We showcased LG Electronics giving a demo of CLOi GuideBot, Leon Speakers’ Ente SoundTile On-Wall Speaker that combines art and audio, Christie’s 4K, 50K-Lumen Pure RGB laser projector called Griffyn 4K50-RGB, ROE Visual’s Black Marble Floor dvLED display in 2mm pixel pitch, Samsung’s newest version of The Wall, Planar’s XR Virtual Stage, StageConnect’s real-time, two-way livestreaming software platform, COOLPO’s AI Huddle Mini Intelligent Conference Camera, Nanov Display’s Solar-Powered E-Paper Outdoor Display, Ameria AG’s demo of touch-like gesture control for connected experiences on displays and L-Acoustics’s SB6i Ultra-Compact Subwoofer that is only 99mm deep.

That is just a tiny fraction of the number of videos we took at the show, so make sure you check out the rest here!

And That’s All For Day One

We had a great time showcasing a few of our highlights from InfoComm 2022 and hearing from others what their favorite parts were. We’re not finished, though! Tune in tomorrow for another day packed with content from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. EDT. We will have an international panel where we can find out what they thought about ISE vs. InfoComm, rAVe [TV] and much more.

Find all of the content we captured and are showing during rePLAY InfoComm 2022 on the InfoComm 2022 microsite!