RF Venue Introduces 2 Channel Remote Antenna Kit for Smaller Installs

rf venue 2 channel remote antenna kit

RF Venue has introduced the new 2 Channel Remote Antenna Kit. The remote antenna kit claims to “contain everything needed to enhance the signal quality of smaller wireless microphone system installations by bringing receive antennas to the front of the rack or to the outside of equipment closets.”

The kit includes a pair of high-quality 1/2 wave antennas designed for front rack panel mounting using the included BNC pass-through connectors or for remote mounting using the included bracket hardware. Six 2-foot coaxial cables are provided to connect antennas to the included two-way splitters allowing connection to the antenna inputs of a pair of any brand of wireless microphone receiver. The kits are available in three frequency bands: 470 to 530 MHZ, 500 to 570 MHZ and 530 to 608 MHz.

Designed for AV media carts, classrooms, corporate meeting spaces and other smaller installs, the RF Venue 2 Channel Remote Antenna Kit is available now at $299.