QSC Makes Speakers?

A couple of weeks ago, I walked the floor of ISE in Amsterdam. I came across many interesting products and solutions that I am excited to integrate into my company’s offerings. One of the products that caught my eye was the AcousticDesign series of loudspeakers and ceiling speakers by QSC. I have used QSC products for years, but have always thought of them for their amplifiers or mixers, not their speakers.

I had the chance to speak with Chris Brouelette, application engineer for QSC, regarding the new ceiling mounted loudspeakers. The speakers come in two versions of 4″ and 6″, standard and shallow depth low profile. The speakers are able to maintain the same cubic volume whether they are the standard or low profile version and they are available in white or black. The ceiling speakers are not shipping yet, but I have high hopes that we’ll get to see them in the coming months.


What I found fascinating is that they can be voiced similar to the surface mounted and recessed speakers. I had a chance to listen to the ceiling speakers matched with the wall mounted loudspeakers and they sounded awesome. Using the AcousticDesign Listening Station that was set up at the stand, we were able to choose the size of the speakers we wanted the music to come out of to compare the quality. Then we decided to activate the AD-S112sw subwoofer for more depth. The overall sound was amazing; I had a difficult time determining the difference between the ceiling and the wall mounted loudspeakers.

If you haven’t had the chance to check out the new AcousticDesign series of speakers from QSC, I highly suggest you give them a try.

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