Key Digital Adds Extensions to Compass Control Pro for Inogeni, QSC

July 20, 2023

Key Digital has announced extensions to the Compass Control Pro integrated iOS control system with IP-based control modules for the Inogeni Toggle USB switcher and the QSC MP-M Audio Router series. Inogeni’s Toggle USB 3.0 Pro AV Switcher is a 3×2 USB device with RS-232 control that allows users to switch three USB sources such […]

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Leonard’s InfoComm Minute, Day the Third: Something Different in an Audio Demo Room

June 18, 2023

One of my favorite things at the InfoComm trade show has always been the audio demo room, despite the fact that I don’t do a ton of the kinds of projects in which the gear in these spaces is aimed. Part of the reason is that “not a ton” doesn’t mean “none ever,” and it’s […]

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Ray Tantzen Joins QSC as Director of Product Management

April 24, 2023

QSC announced that Ray Tantzen has joined the organization as director of product management. Tantzen has over 20 years of experience in pro audio product management with top brands including PreSonus Audio Electronics, Avid and Loud Technologies. “It’s very exciting to have Ray join our QSC team,” says David Fuller, vice president product development, QSC […]

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QSC Introduces L Class Intelligent Active Loudspeakers

April 10, 2023

QSC is pleased to introduce L Class; the next generation of advanced, intelligent, active loudspeakers for applications ranging from simple, portable, plug-and- play setups, to demanding, networked, high-tech AV productions and fixed installations. The remarkable result of a deep understanding of customer needs and application requirements, L Class delivers its exceptional performance and extraordinary audio […]

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QSC Adds L-Class Active Loudspeakers

April 3, 2023

QSC just launched the L Class; intelligent, active loudspeakers for applications ranging from simple, portable, plug-and-play setups, to demanding, networked, high-tech AV productions and fixed installations. Onboard Dante connects L Class to networked AV systems and connected stages. The new LA108 (two-way, 8-inch) and LA112 (two-way, 12-inch) active line array loudspeakers are complemented by the […]

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QSC Adds Firmware Update for TouchMix-30 Pro Digital Mixer

March 6, 2023

QSC just introduced a major firmware v3.0 update to its TouchMix-30 Pro digital mixer. The TouchMix-30 Pro with firmware v3.0 satisfies the needs of many professionals with the addition of Scenes, Snapshots, Cue List management and offline editing functionalities. Scenes provide the user with the ability to store and recall the entire mixer configuration, while […]

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Control Concepts Joins Q-SYS Developer Partner Program

January 31, 2023

Control Concepts has joined the Q-SYS Developer Partner Program. This program supports the rapid deployment of Q-SYS plugins and API integrations on behalf of Q-SYS Technology Partners. The collaboration among Ecosystem partners enables them to create market-ready certified or verified solutions that integrate seamlessly with Q-SYS, a cloud-manageable audio, video and control Platform. “Control Concepts […]

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Rants & rAVes — Episode 1192: The AVIXA Women’s Council Is Starting a CTS Study Group

January 5, 2023

QSC’s own (and co-chair of the AVIXA Women’s Council) Tammy Fuqua joins me on my latest videocast to talk about a study group that is open to all AVIXA members. The group will meet every other week and will collectively work on educating everyone in time to take the AVIXA CTS test at InfoComm later […]

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Audio-Technica Adds Three Products to the Q-SYS Ecosystem

December 6, 2022

Audio-Technica announced that three of its products with Dante network outputs — the ATND971a Cardioid Condenser Network Boundary Microphone, ATND8677a Network Microphone Desk Stand and ATND8734a Network Ceiling Power Module — can now be deployed, configured and controlled in Q-SYS Designer via a new plugin. This development brings these products into the Q-SYS Ecosystem, a […]

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Q-SYS Announces vCOre Virtualized Processor and Control Feature License

November 21, 2022

Q-SYS announced the availability of Q-SYS vCore, the first virtualized processor for Q-SYS and the accompanying Q-SYS Control feature license for vCore, which allows integrators and end users to enlist their own compute device to add Q-SYS Control capabilities for enhanced control, automation, UX capabilities, remote monitoring and helpdesk features to systems. The Q-SYS vCore […]

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Q-SYS Announces Two New AcousticDesign Series Ceiling-Mount Loudspeakers

September 22, 2022

Q-SYS announced two new AcousticDesign Series 6.5-inch two-way ceiling-mount loudspeakers Thursday, which claim to offer higher-power handling for challenging environments. The AD-C6T-HC is “ideal for high ceilings or reverberant spaces such as ballrooms, airports, atriums and lobbies,” while the AD-C6T-HP offers “higher SPL at standard ceiling heights, ideal for high-energy restaurants, retail spaces or larger […]

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Pearl Technology to Host Annual Showcase on September 12

August 5, 2022

Pearl Technology will host its 2nd Annual Showcase on Monday, Sept. 12 at the Peoria Riverfront Museum in Peoria, IL. “Last year’s inaugural Showcase was valuable for our customers and partners alike,” said Jeremy Caldera, CTS-D, CTS-I, senior vice president at Pearl Technology. “We’re very much looking forward to building on that success at this […]

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QSC Adds David Angress as Senior Vice President and General Manager of Pro Audio

August 1, 2022

QSC has announced that David Angress has joined the organization as senior vice president and general manager of the company’s new Pro Audio division. “Throughout the years, I have always had the greatest respect and admiration for QSC – its people, its culture and its portfolio of innovative, market-leading products,” said Angress. “The Pro Audio […]

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Cory Schaeffer: A Legacy of Help, A Legacy of Change

June 27, 2022

By Dan Ferrisi, Editor in Chief, Commercial Integrator As commercial AV has matured, it has become increasingly clear that ours is an industry not of technology, per se, but of people. At our best, commercial AV professionals are committed to creating experiences that tell compelling stories and leave indelible memories. In that way, the technologies […]

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Cory Schaeffer Looks Back on Her AV Career

June 15, 2022

As many of you know, industry icon Cory Schaeffer is set to retire at the end of the month. In her honor, rAVe has partnered with AVNation and Commercial Integrator in this video interview of her ProAV career. Schaeffer has spent over 30 years in the AV industry, most recently as director of alliances and ecosystems […]

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AV Pros Share Their Appreciation for Cory Schaeffer

June 15, 2022

As many of you know, industry icon Cory Schaeffer is set to retire at the end of the month. In her honor, rAVe has partnered with AVNation, Commercial Integrator and #AVTweeps like you to share Schaeffer’s impact on the industry. Here’s what AV professionals had to say about her legacy.        

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Giant News: QSC Joins the SDVoE Alliance — The First of the Big 4 Control Companies!

May 31, 2022

The SDVoE Alliance announced QSC has joined the alliance as an adopting member. QSC is a globally-recognized technology and software manufacturer of Q-SYS, a cloud-manageable audio, video and control platform built around a modern, standards-based IT architecture. The addition of QSC to the SDVoE Alliance will allow us to collaborate to enable any SDVoE hardware […]

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AVIXA Women’s Council Launches Rosie Riveters Initiative

May 12, 2022

The AVIXA Women’s Council has partnered with Rosie Riveters, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization built on the premise that innovation is cultivated where experimentation is encouraged, and that failure is not in conflict with success, but a necessary and crucial part of it. Watch the video below to learn more about the AVIXA Women’s Council Rosie […]

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Rethinking Space

April 22, 2022

If there’s one topic that has been totally exhausted and “overthunk” in the last year, it’s the post-COVID return to work. I don’t say that because it’s unimportant; I say that because most of the pieces we see written try to draw some new one-size-fits-all conclusion to what the… gulp… “new normal” will, or should, […]

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QSC Adds New Q-SYS Control Solutions for Google Meet

March 22, 2022

QSC announced this week new Q-SYS Control solutions for Google Meet, namely that thanks to a new third-party control integration, users will be able to use the Q-SYS user control interface on Google-Meet supported controller consoles. In addition, Google Cloud has certified Q-SYS video capabilities and Google Meet will now support the integration of multiple […]

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Mentoring Matters: Find Out Why in this Girl Boss LAVNCH & LEARN

February 28, 2022

According to a study by Odyssey Mentoring, people who mentor typically earn $25,000 a year in additional compensation, on average, then do people who do not mentor. In the final episode of our Girl Boss series—held on March 14 at 1 p.m. ET—Megan A. Dutta will be joined by Cory Schaeffer and Carol Campbell to […]

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QSC Intros AcousticDesign Series Direct Weather Landscape Loudspeakers

February 17, 2022

QSC introduced the AcousticDesign Series Direct Weather Landscape (AD-DWL) loudspeakers featuring an elevated bollard enclosure design that allows sound to travel above obstructions. The Direct Weather Landscape Series includes the AD-DWL.180 loudspeaker (180° directional coverage) and the AD-DWL.360 loudspeaker (360° directional coverage), enabling designers to address individual space requirements by directing sound, while the companion […]

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QSC Unveils QIO Series Network I/O Expanders

February 17, 2022

QSC announced the QIO Series network I/O expanders for the Q-SYS cloud-manageable audio, video and control Platform. The QIO Series includes three Audio I/O models and three Control I/O models, each supporting a specific connectivity type. Designed to support distributed, centralized or hybrid networks and processing architectures, these I/O expanders enable designers to decouple the […]

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QSC Releases NM Series Tabletop Network Mic and NL Series Network Loudspeakers

February 17, 2022

QSC just announced the NM Series tabletop network microphone and the NL Series network loudspeakers for the Q-SYS cloud-manageable audio, video and control platform. The Q-SYS NM Series NM-T1 is a tabletop PoE network microphone that features beamforming technology with four software-configurable zones and up to 360° coverage. The NM-T1 enables users to manage meetings […]

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QSC Announces New Scaling Licenses for Core Nano and Core 8 Flex

February 17, 2022

QSC announced Q-SYS Scaling licenses for the Q-SYS Core Nano and Core 8 Flex. The Q-SYS Collaboration Bundle Scaling License for the Q-SYS Core Nano and Core 8 Flex increases Q-SYS capabilities in meeting spaces. This new software add-on license expands the maximum AEC processing capabilities and available Softphones plus adds support for up to […]

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QSC Promotes Ron Marchant to Vice President EMEA Sales and Marketing

January 13, 2022

QSC promoted Ron Marchant to vice president EMEA, sales and marketing. In his new position, Ron will oversee the company’s sales and marketing activities and initiatives throughout Europe, Middle East and Africa. “Ron has played an instrumental role in the development and growth of QSC throughout the EMEA region,” said Markus Winkler, senior vice president, […]

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QSC Announces Launch of Q-SYS Reflect Enterprise Manager in New Countries

December 4, 2021

QSC announced the launch of Q-SYS Reflect Enterprise Manager remote monitoring and management platform in Italy, France, Spain, the Nordics, Benelux countries and Singapore. These new countries join the growing list of over 20 countries that already have access to Q-SYS Reflect Enterprise Manager. Enterprise Manager allows users to remotely monitor and manage their entire Q-SYS system, including […]

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A Deeper Dive Into Loudspeaker Directivity

November 29, 2021

By Mike Sims QSC There’s a saying in our industry – “Flat frequency response on-axis is necessary, but not sufficient, to make a good sounding loudspeaker.” OK, maybe you don’t hear this idea tossed around all the time, but it’s true nonetheless. This edition of the Consultant Courier will explore off-axis frequency response, directivity, and […]

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QSC Intros Three New Products to Q-SYS Platform for Upgraded Conferencing Experience

November 12, 2021

QSC added new products to the Q-SYS Platform, including the NC Series network conference cameras and TSC Series Gen 3 network touch screen controllers. The new scalable products are native to the Q-SYS OS and integrate with any Q-SYS system. The new NC Series includes three camera models: the Q-SYS NC-110, a fixed-lens ePTZ camera […]

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InfoComm 2021 Memorable Moments

November 1, 2021

Last week, #AVtweeps gathered for InfoComm 2021 in Orlando, Florida. For many, it was the first time they had seen this many of their peers in the same room since ISE 2020 in Amsterdam. We asked AV professionals to share their favorite show memories. Here’s what they had to say! What was your favorite part […]

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Sennheiser, Barco and QSC Collaborate to Update Gateway Innovation Hub in New York

October 4, 2021

On the 29th floor of 900 Third Avenue in Manhattan is Gateway, a co-working and innovation hub. As part of the Swedish-American Chamber of Commerce (SACCNY) — the oldest international chamber of commerce in the U.S. — Gateway’s mission is to help Scandinavian companies gain a strategic foothold and become more successful in the U.S. market. […]

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QSC To Temporarily Stop Fulfilling Orders for a Number of Products Due to Supply Shortages

August 26, 2021

According to a letter distributed to partners, QSC announced that due to supply chain challenges brought on by COVID-19, the company will temporarily stop taking/fulfilling orders for a number of products. The letter below, sent to rAVe by a source who asked not to be named, says the company is fulfilling as many existing orders […]

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