Prysm Launches Prysm Enterprise for Scalable Collaboration

prysm-enterprise-0216Prysm today unveiled Prysm Enterprise, a hardware and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution which enables businesses and their employees to easily collaborate in-real time across every size screen — from mobile devices to custom large-scale video walls. With Prysm Enterprise, the newest offering in Prysm’s Visual Workplace portfolio, applications, content, video conferencing and the web are all combined into cloud-based visual workspaces where anyone can create, edit, share and store work, and then go back and re-access the saved workspaces later from any location via the cloud. Prysm also announced new SaaS pricing for the Enterprise offering, making it possible for companies to continue to expand this powerful collaboration footprint beyond connected meeting rooms, and across a broader mobile and remote workforce.

With Prysm’s Visual Workplace portfolio, enterprises can improve collaboration and employee engagement with a tech-savvy workplace that bridges the gap between in-office and remote workers. In addition, Prysm digitizes the collaboration process and pulls disparate tools together into one highly visual system. This leads to the creation of a rich palette for data visualization that speeds insights, ushering in an entirely new approach to collaboration. By leveraging this new Visual Workplace, enterprises can discover new insights that they would not otherwise have found.

Prysm Enterprise features added support for web browser-based access to the Prysm Application Suite via Prysm Mobile, which enables access via any mobile device and opens up greater collaboration throughout the enterprise, be it from a large 190″ auditorium video wall to a remote worker’s smartphone. Prysm Mobile is the only solution that permits simultaneous reviewers of content, where up to 25 users can share and edit information in real time.

The release also provides a completely integrated experience for Skype for Business, further adding to and simplifying the collaboration experience.

Prysm’s new Enterprise offering includes:

  • Prysm Cloud: application server(s), dedicated or multi-tenant option
  • Prysm Application Suite: Software that enables users to collaborate and store content in cloud-based workspaces
  • Prysm Displays: with standard sizes of 65″, 85″, 98″, 117″ and 190″, as well as custom sizes to fit any size meeting room(s).
  • Prysm Mobile: Web browser access for any mobile device including Apple iOS, Android, and Windows
  • Services & support: One point of service and support contact and service supplier
  • A new SaaS-based pricing model for the software

More details are here.