Poly Is Still Trying to Convince People That Hardware-Based Conferencing Is a Thing with G7500

Poly today announced the Poly G7500, which is basically a hardware-based VTC codec, an EagleEye IV camera (or EagleEye Cube USB), a Poly IP Microphone, a Bluetooth Remote control and cabling all packaged together in a way that integrates audio, wireless content sharing and 4K video for small and medium-sized meeting rooms for those that want hardware-based VTC systems.

The G7500 has a customizable interface for both touch and non-touch displays as well as secure and guest network capabilities for all connected devices. The G7500 also features whiteboarding, where users can write over content, use the screen as a whiteboard space, and capture for later use. By combining video conferencing and content sharing in one solution, the G7500 empowers multiple attendees to share content — from any device — to make meetings more productive.

In Poly’s defense of the G7500, there are things that only hardware-based systems can do, for example, the G7500 includes a feature called NoiseBlock and another called Acoustic Fencing that minimize audio distractions such as background noise and side conversations in the room that distract VC meetings. But, there’s a clear movement away from on-prem hardware and towards SaaS-based solutions, so Poly integrated the G7500 with support for any cloud-based video platform or ecosystem (such as Zoom, Cisco Webex, GoToMeeting, Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business) through Polycom’s RealConnect Service.

So, if you want hardware-based package, the Poly G7500 is here.