Nureva Launches Microphone Array and Immersive Wrap-Around SPAN System at InfoComm 2016

gary-nureva-0616Nureva’s new HDL-300 is the company’s first entry into the audio market. It’s basically a microphone array in a speaker-bar-like configuration designed to solve all meeting room mic issues by creating over 8100 virtual mics and allows you to pick up audio (equally) from anywhere in a room (up to 20’x20’). I hooked up with Nureva’s VP or Products, Steve vander Meulen today and we shot a video demo of the product that explains how it works. In addition, Nureva also launched a new surround-like SPAN system here at InfoComm as well as a totally-mobile SPAN that’s native 1080p resolution — both are covered in this second interview with Steve here.

Finally, Nureva’s Founder and CEO, Nancy Knowlton, joined me for one of the best show interviews I feel like I’ve ever gotten. It’s worth watching as she talks about Nureva’s position in the market – remember, they launched one year ago this week – and her excitement is obvious. And, there are a few clues in here about the future of Nureva!