Cima NanoTech Debuts Stylus and Object Rejection on Large Format Touch Displays at InfoComm

cima-0616Cima NanoTech will be showing an advanced object and water rejection function for touch tables and precision stylus capability for interactive displays geared to corporate collaboration environments such as conference and huddle rooms.

On show at the event will be an optically-bonded, 84-inch 4K interactive display equipped with fine-tip stylus capability and anti-glare cover glass for a natural pen-on-paper writing experience. Optical bonding with the lack of visible lines on screen, a unique attribute of Cima NanoTech’s core SANTE technology, provides thinner, high-resolution displays with excellent optical clarity and display contrast for an optimal viewing experience. The newly launched 84-inch SANTE ProTouch module is the largest size in mass production by the company.

The boundaries of standard object and water rejection are being pushed by the company’s advanced touch modules which reject metal objects such as drink cans, keys and cellphones – items that often cause false touches. This advanced feature, demonstrated on a 42-inch interactive tabletop, allows users to interact with the touch table as they would a regular table, proving that SANTE ProTouch module is a technology designed for practical applications that do not require users to alter their behavior.

SANTE ProTouch module is a projected capacitive solution providing ultra fast response and excellent touch performance, ideal for large touch screen applications from 32″ to 84″ sizes such as interactive displays, touch tables and digital signage. Integrating advanced touch technology innovations such as precision stylus capability and object and water recognition enable touch displays that take creativity, collaboration and interactivity to a whole new level.

Cima NanoTech InfoComm Highlights (Booth N2654):

• 84-inch Interactive Display optically-bonded with precision stylus capability
• 55-inch Interactive Display optically-bonded with 2mm fine-tip passive stylus capability
• 42-inch Interactive Touch Table with metal object and water rejection
• 42-inch Interactive Digital Signage through thick glass for storefront windows
• 37-inch Mirror Touch Display with a reflective multi-touch surface

Here are the details.