New 1 Beyond AutoTracker 2IP Camera to Debut at InfoComm

1-Beyond-AutoTracker-2IP-05161 Beyond has announced the 1 Beyond AutoTracker 2IP camera as part of its HD camera product portfolio. The new AutoTracker 2IP adds Internet Protocol (IP) functionality to the 1 Beyond AutoTracker camera which automatically follows a speaker or presenter. The AutoTracker uses a tracking technology based on facial recognition and motion tracking and is self-contained with dual cameras in one unit – no mats, infrared necklaces, overhead microphones or any other external props are necessary.

With the AutoTracker 2IP, users will be able to remotely configure, control, preview and monitor the cameras using IP. Two h.264 IP streams will be available, one for each camera, in addition to two high-quality HD-SDI outputs. Both types of outputs can be used for switching with systems such as the 1 Beyond StreamMachine, NewTek TriCaster or Vmix.

The AutoTracker 2IP will retain all of the features and quality standards of the AutoTracker, which continues to be available. Features include a Sony sensor, 1080p or 720p resolution, a motor design for smooth quiet tracking, easy setup, 20x optical zoom and automatic camera functions such as white balance.

1 Beyond is here.