Kramer Ships VP-734 4K Switcher/Scaler

kramer-vp734-0516The VP-734 is a 4K-UHD (3440×2160) resolution presentation switcher scaler from Kramer. With four HDMI inputs (chroma sampling of 4:2:0), one DisplayPort (chroma sampling of 4:2:4) input and two analog inputs, the switcher is a 7×1 auto-switcher (or programmable switcher) with a built-in scaler that scales the output to 4K resolution (or anything below).

Other features include 7 Stereo Analog Audio Inputs, the ability to embed and de-embed audio from the HDMI, EDID management, IR, RS232 and web-based control as well as Kramer’s FTB (fade-thru-black) switching technology.

Here are all the specs.