NEC Debuts Reactiv STAGE Software

nec-reactiv-stagepic_primary-0916NEC Display Solutions has added interactive presentation software Reactiv STAGE to its range of multi-touch displays and interactive projectors, giving organizations new capabilities to create dynamic and engaging presentations in collaborative environments. The presentation software meets the needs of business and educational organizations, helping them to share large amounts of information whilst engaging their audience with intuitive interfaces.

Designed to work with ShadowSense Touch displays or any interactive device, the presentation software makes multi-touch, multi-pen and gesture-driven capabilities accessible for any scenario. Reactiv STAGE has the ability to automatically detect and differentiate between a stylus, an eraser and the user’s finger. It’s multi-pen technology enhances collaboration as it allows multiple users to annotate one or more documents at the same time. With these features, productivity in meetings and learning environments is significantly enhanced.

Simple and easy user experiences are key in encouraging collaboration with touch-enabled technology. The intuitive interface offers functionality such as using presentations directly from a USB flash drive. Furthermore, users can easily duplicate their presentation to a secondary screen simply by swiping to the top of the primary screen to improve visualization for larger audiences. Reactiv STAGE also works with any screen size and resolution, so it can adapt to many different learning or business scenarios.

Details on NEC’s Reactiv STAGE interactive software is here.