Inneos Transforms the UHD Experience with Optical Extender

phplzzb2opmDallas, TX. – September 14, 2016 – Inneos, LLC, the industry leader in Video over Fiber transport, today at the CEDIA tradeshow, introduced the SH51-03A.  The new product is a consumer-ready optical extender capable of delivering HDMITM 4K60, 4:4:4 color with support for HDR and other advanced features on a single fiber, over 300 meters without using compression.

The device offers a plug-and-play solution for installers who don’t want to sacrifice data within today’s 4K systems.

“You paid a lot of money for that 4K video, so you should be able to watch ALL of it.”, says Martin Smith, Inneos’ Director of Marketing.  “Our customers who invest in advanced video systems are disappointed when they have to throw away half the video data through compression or chroma-subsampling  to see their video a meaningful distance from the source.”, says Smith.  “We are proud to offer a solution that allows users to experience HDMITM the way it was meant to be viewed.  When it comes to bandwidth, Inneos achieves the highest standard in the video industry.”

While other manufacturers of video fiber solutions are struggling with the bandwidth requirements of 4K, adding the cost and complexity of multiple fibers, or compromising by using chroma subsampling or even compression to solve the problem, Inneos products, based on patented CWDM technology, are well positioned to offer ever-increasing throughput on a single fiber for 4K, 8K and beyond.

About inneos

Leaders in Coarse Wave Division Multiplexing technology for sending uncompressed video great distances over a single, MultiMode Fiber, inneos has been engineering advanced optoelectronic designs since the 1990’s.