NEC Adds Five Front Projectors to VT Series – All Sub-$1,000 and Squarely Aimed at Education

Not many details are yet available about the new VT Series projectors from NEC, but we do know the prices. They range from a low of $699 to a high of $999.

The VT series projectors have quick start up, plug and play setup and operation, color-coded connections and ‘Autosense’, which intuitively syncs the projector with computer signals. 

The NEC VT49 and VT490 SVGA projectors are $699 and $739 and will begin shipping in December 2006.  The VT590 XGA projector is priced at $859 and will be available in mid-November, 2006.

The other two are a step up. The NEC VT595 and VT695 add a five-watt speaker a variable audio-out, which allows the remote control to adjust the volume of self-powered external speakers connected to the projector.  Also included in the VT595/695 are dual computer inputs, including one DVI-I, and automatic keystone correction.  The NEC VT595 projector is $899 and available in December 2006. The VT695 is $999 and available in mid-November, 2006.