Modus VR Announces Software Update, New Manufacturers in Match Partner Program

unnamed 8 14 750x400Modus VR today made several new announcements this week at InfoComm 2022. First, four new commercial manufacturers have joined the Modus Match Partner Program that was launched in December 2021. Second, Modus VR has announced an upcoming software release that will add many new products, and finally, delivers on an integrator-requested new Bill of Material (BoM) generator.

The latest group of Modus Match manufacturer partners includes Jabra, Snowsound, Q-SYS and Yamaha UC. The Modus Match Program expedites and facilitates the addition of partners’ products into Modus VR for use by all Modus VR subscribers, and those who opt for the just-announced Modus-as-a-Service turnkey project service provided by the Modus VR team of specialists.

With the new Modus VR Software release, the latest products now available include the Crestron (TS-770 & TSD-2220 touchpanels, SB-200 soundbar, ICE 4/6/8 in-ceiling speakers and occupancy sensor), Q-SYS (AcousticDesign Series loudspeakers, NC Series network conference cameras and TSC Series Gen 3 touch screen controllers), Steelcase (I2i chair and migration SE sit/stand desk) and Snowsound (Flat, Flap and Mitesco acoustic panels).

Existing subscribers can use Modus Docs to output complete, branded project line drawings and annotations, and now a full Bill of Materials (BoM). This feature produces a list and quantity of all items in the project, including dimensions and finishes, and the ability to filter out certain items as they wish. The BoM can be exported as a CSV file that can be easily incorporated into popular custom integration software such as D-Tools, Jetbuilt or most any other proposal software.

Here are the details.