Meridian Intros DSP320.2 In-Ceiling and In-Wall Speaker Series

The new DSP320.2 In-Ceiling / In-Wall Loudspeaker from Meridian are the company’s new high-end models for home theaters. For a speaker of its size (100 millimeters / 4” mounting depth), this two-channel in-ceiling and in-wall applications is spec’d to have four times the bass performance of a passive in-ceiling speaker with similar cabinet volume. The timbre is matched to the DSP520.2 and DSP640.2 and integrates the latest audio enhancing technologies from Meridian, including Enhanced Bass Alignment (EBA), Fifo Buffering, DSP Upsampling, Apodizing Filters, MHR and L+R mode.

The DSP320.2 has one 85mm wide-band driver and one “racetrack” bass driver for full range frequency response, each housed in a separate enclosure for optimum acoustic isolation. The bass driver maximizes the surface area, providing deep and powerful bass with minimum distortion and greater precision to low frequencies.

For installers, the DSP320.2 offers a “fit and forget” installation with a five-year warranty, promising a simple and reliable installation with numerous advantages. Its install friendly mounting depth allows the speaker to fit within standard stud walls, delivering discrete yet impactful sound, while magnets allow for easy removal of the grille and simple access to settings. The DSP320.2 can be installed with or without the frame, allowing the unit to blend seamlessly within any interior.

Here are all the details.