Meridian and LG Partner for High-End Audio Soundbars 

Meridian and LG partner for high-end sound barsFeaturing Meridian’s digital signal processing (DSP) technologies, the new 2020 range of soundbars from LG Electronics (LG) deliver much better audio. Introduced at CES 2020, the new range of LG soundbars is the next step in the brand’s collaboration with Meridian. The range features the SN9YG and SN11RG models as well as the flagship SN11RG; a 7.1.4 channel system with two wireless rear speakers that deliver forward and up-firing sound with advanced signal processing technology for 360 degrees of acoustics.

These new models feature several of Meridian’s unique technologies, including Meridian Bass and Space, which Meridian says increases the width and scale of the soundstage beyond the physical dimensions of the product, while also supporting stable and accurate low-frequency reproduction. The models also benefit from Meridian’s Image Elevation technology, which increases the perceived height of the lead instrument or vocal, especially important for soundbars positioned below a screen, and in turn, creates a more lifelike listening experience. Furthermore, the majority of the 2020 lineup supports Dolby Atmos and DTS:X for dynamic and thoroughly immersive audio.

These LG soundbars benefit from brand-new AI room calibration, offering a more optimized sound that automatically tailors output to the specific characteristics of a room. These advanced models are self-calibrating, capable of recognizing and analyzing tones whilst accurately assessing the dimensions of a given space. Combined with Meridian’s DSP technology, users can enjoy realistic surround sound, with clarity that mimics what the companies say is near-studio authenticity. Users can also control compatible smart home devices from their LG soundbar with the comfort and ease of conversational voice commands, with Google Assistant built into more models for 2020.

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Information on Meridian and LG partnerships is here.