Meridian Has a New Digital Active In-Wall Subwoofer With Onboard DSP Technology

meridian dsw600

Meridian’s new DSW600 Digital Active In-Wall Subwoofer integrates onboard DSP technology. It provides thermal and dynamic bass protection, meaning (according to the company) that even when the subwoofer is played at high levels or over prolonged periods, it always delivers a precise sound for complete audio immersion. Meridian’s Enhanced Bass Alignment technology also uses two different technologies to time-align differing frequencies.

Meridian’s own proprietary bass protection is apparently employed to ensure the subwoofer isn’t damaged from over-excursion, which is handled invisibly in the digital domain. This electronics pack is designed to be installed in the wall with the subwoofer, reducing both heat and space required in the rack.

The DSW600 can integrate into various installation applications, producing impactful bass in any room size and as part of any loudspeaker configuration. Onboard DSP supports partnering with any Meridian Architectural Loudspeaker to provide full-range performance from a two-box in-wall solution. When used in this unique configuration, the DSW600 gives the DSP320.2, DSP520.2, DSP640.2 or DSP750 bass extension down to 24 hertz.

Also, the DSW600 can augment the bass from other loudspeakers in both two-channel and surround-sound systems, creating full range LCR or surround channels. The DSW600 can be used to play the dedicated LFE channel, either on its own or used in multiples to create more complex room modes and smoother bass in more seats. It also has built-in music and movie modes to tailor bass performance, depending on the content.

With an ultra-shallow mounting depth of less than 100 millimeters, the DSW600 can be installed with ease and flexibility, either behind acoustically transparent fabrics and screens, or built into plastered or solid walls, even in the most shallow spaces.

Its sealed acoustic cabinet made from birch plywood, as used on Meridian floor-standing loudspeakers, is paired with heavy internal bracing to deliver reliable, repeatable performance. The removable grille and frame are secured using anti-vibration fixings, and built-in amplification frees up more vital space in the rack.