Legrand Vantage Works With Now

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Legrand‘s lighting control brand, Vantage, today announced it has partnered with This partnership will ensure feature parity across‘s intuitive app and natural voice control interfaces. Vantage customers will be able to adjust the brightness, color, and temperature of their lights, along with precise percentage level adjustments for opening or closing shades to manage daylight in whatever way feels easiest — via the Josh App, Josh remote or voice commands, as well as from Vantage keypads.

In addition, the integration claims to bring more flexibility to integrators, allowing them to use relays as Josh switches in more environmental settings. For climate automation,’s capabilities include selecting HVAC modes, specifying current temperatures, setting temperature setpoints and controlling fan speed.

After authorizing the integration within’s new NIMBLE DevSuite, Vantage InFusion II controllers running firmware 2.3 and above will automatically populate the web portal. The instant discovery of a Vantage system’s floor plan and programming has been built with the installer in mind to expedite the implementation process.

Vantage customers will experience an unmatched level of convenience and sophistication when setting the ambiance to their exact specifications. They will be empowered with granular device control in the Josh App, the ability to build custom scenes to set the perfect mood, and with contextual voice commands across their whole home. For example, commands like “OK, Josh, it’s too dark in here,” and “OK, Josh, open the east blackout shades at sunrise.” These commands open up a range of limitless potential. The integration with Vantage becomes truly transformative when giving complex requests like, “OK, Josh, dim the lights, draw the shades, turn on the fireplace, and set the temperature to 72 degrees.”

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The convenience of Vantage lighting control enhances the experience of any living space, while the balance of natural and artificial light is essential to maximizing architectural aesthetics. Vantage systems deliver a simple, streamlined approach to controlling complex, modern residential spaces. Vantage systems include the Vantage LHUMAN Human Centric Lighting solution, which provides precise lighting control with motorized window shading and lighting fixtures to create an interior lighting environment centered on life and well-being. Homeowners can let LHUMAN do the work for them — automatically adjusting their home’s light throughout the day, fully synchronized to the natural daylight from the sun — while easily making changes on the fly with preset scenes that deliver the appropriate lighting color temperature and intensity to meet their current activity, need, or mood, as well as raising and lowering motorized window shades to harness the power of natural lighting. All it takes is the touch of a button on the lighting control keypad or a command through the system.