Here’s Everything Absen, the LED Company, Is Doing at NAB 2024

absen nab show 2024

Step into a world where technology transcends imagination at the 2024 NAB Show, with Absen Inc leading the charge! Absen welcomes you to Booth #C3519, a hub of innovation where Absen’s pioneering LED technology merges with the brilliance of ModTruss, Brompton Technology, NovaStar, MegaPixel and XR214 Studio, crafting an “ecosystem of unmatched visual splendor.”

Dive into the realm of structural artistry with its collaboration with ModTruss, showcasing Absen’s video panels empowered by the robust and stylish ModTruss Extrusion mounting solution. Experience the realm of possibilities with limitless rigging points, lighting and AV mounts on the sturdy, sleek lines of the ModTruss 6063-T6 Aluminum Extrusion.

Prepare to be captivated by the PR3.9 RGB W, a marvel in color and clarity, in conjunction with Brompton Technology’s TrueLight technology. With Absen’s AbsenLive series including the Pixel Reality, Saturn, Jupiter Pro and Jupiter Series, all energized by Brompton’s processing.

The synergy of Absen and Megapixel unfolds with the innovative Clear Cobalt Series (CL1.2 V2) powered by Megapixel’s HELIOS Processor, setting new benchmarks in visual display technology. The fusion of Absen’s acclaimed Clear Cobalt technology and Megapixel’s HELIOS LED Processing Platform delivers crisp, vibrant visuals, redefining what you thought possible.

Absen celebrates its alliance with XR214 Studios to create mesmerizing content on Absen’s xR stage with the avant-garde Pixel Reality Series. XR214’s expansive soundstage, adorned with a colossal Absen LED wall, turns narrative into spectacle, offering an immersive, dynamic and visually arresting journey.

Witness the fusion of technology and artistry at Booth #C3519, where Absen and its partners “illuminate the path to the future of visual experiences.”