The Last Day of LAVNCH WEEK 5: ProAV Day!

ProAV Day

Well, we’ve made it, #AVtweeps — the final day of LAVNCH WEEK 5! Thursday was ProAV Day, and we saw product demos, had discussions and learned tons about the upcoming trends in ProAV. Read on below to find a recap of the whole day, and don’t forget you can also watch the entire day on demand by registering here. Enjoy!

Got Control?

contemporary researchWe kicked off the day with Megan A. Dutta, Paul Briggs and Sarah Krybus for a discussion on Contemporary Research‘s (CR) RF and Ethernet display/TV control solutions! Because CR has been in the AV tuner business for so long, many are not aware of its complete line of control products for simplifying AV systems. Sarah and Paul spoke about CR’s RF control system that can accept controls from third-party control systems or the Display Express system. Display Express is a control solution for TV and display control software that is even effective for long-distance control, such as in sports stadiums.

Did you know all CR products are made in the U.S.? Now you do! Learn more about the Display Express system here, and watch this session on demand!

A New Visual Adventure Begins with Calibre LEDFusion Pro Series

LEDFusion ProIt’s our first product demo of the day! Introducing the LEDFusion Pro from Calibre, an all-in-one LED display. Many people in the industry are saying that LED is the future of display technology. What do you think?

Raymond Budd from Calibre gave us a rundown of the LEDFusion Pro’s specs. The display offers a very simple installation process with just three steps. The LED tile design makes replacement of parts of the screen easy and fast. Each LED module is protected by nanotechnology coating to extend the life of the module. The LEDFusion Pro is designed with a greener future in mind by offering 30% power savings. Its UltraX Image Engine offers 4K scaling, low latency video processing, new Grand Area Calibration and much more.

Will there be more LED displays in hybrid environments in the next two years? Find out in this session!

Magnetic 3D, ‘Holographic’ 3D Tech and the Hard Rock Guitar Hotel


Check out Magnetic 3D‘s work at the Hard Rock Guitar Hotel! Tom Zerega, Paul Kline and John Bracciante walked us through Magnetic 3D’s glasses-free 3D display work inside the hotel. The company teamed up with The Lab at Rockwell Group to use photogrammetry and motion capture to create a full-sensory experience, including 3D monitors, software and content, at the hotel in Hollywood, Florida. Magnetic 3D installed its displays to highlight memorabilia inside the hotel lobby. The Lab at Rockwell Group helped design an immersive “fake elevator” for guests to have a unique 3D experience!

Don’t miss this session on demand to learn more about this holographic 3D experience! The group also talked about other ways holographic technology and experiences will be used in the future (hint: think Metaverse!).

ProAV Update

ProAV update

We all know the AV industry is continuously evolving, but some markets and verticals move faster than others. So then, what’s the latest in ProAV? Megan A. Dutta spoke with Ernie Beck and Alexander Mayo about advancing trends in the ProAV sector of the industry during this session. The trio touched on the topic of mergers and acquisitions, data analytics, AV design and much more.

Ernie and Alexander both said that an increase in mergers and acquisitions is being seen and will continue as AV expands into different markets. Companies that were only creating one solution will start to merge with companies that can offer another part of an AV solution. Data analytics is also beginning to have a deeper impact on the ProAV market, and Ernie said that data is severely underappreciated. While some companies do look at data, utilization is incredibly important to the designs of systems. AV manufacturers, in particular, can use data to create solutions that increasingly meet the needs of end users. One piece of advice for AV companies is to have a flexible and open data environment that can work with lots of large players in the industry. This will help you future-proof your solutions!

AV 101 Preview

AV 101

In this session, Megan A. Dutta and NSCA’s Tom LeBlanc discussed the new AV 101 series and why it’s critical that members of the AV community share it with future #AVtweeps! This new LAVNCH & LEARN series will educate those new to the industry (or those wanting to review!) about opportunities in AV and even cover basic topics to help new talent get started. This series is designed as an entry-level gateway into the technology solutions and career paths that make the ProAV industry exciting!

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Megan and Tom talked about the six-part series and told us it will review topics like displays, audio, digital signage and career paths. Our friends outside of AV don’t often know what goes on inside the industry, and Tom and Megan agree that it is our job to open the curtains and let outsiders look in to see the full scale of what AV is. 

Tom said there are business and creative opportunities in AV with lots of paths that allow people to excel in the industry. Find out more about those paths in this session on demand, and keep watch on the LAVNCH page for the upcoming AV 101 Series! 

Matrox ConvertIP manages AV networks with maximum ease and flexibility


We were lucky to get another product demo during ProAV Day, this time with Ron Berty from Matrox! Ron helped premiere Matrox’s new ConvertIP encoders and decoders and discussed how these solutions transform existing infrastructures into interoperable, cost-efficient and scalable AV networks. The line of products is designed to help users overcome the limitations of proprietary IP platforms for uncompressed and compressed AV streaming.

All of the new products are transmitters and receivers and have virtually zero latency in uncompressed mode. Three of the new units support HDMI, and two of them have zero-latency passthrough. The products support 10 and 25 gig networks. There are two supported codecs included with the products: JPEG XS and a ProAV 1 gig codec supporting visually lossless motion video and desktop content. Learn more about the new solutions and other updates from Matrox when you watch ProAV Day on demand!

Sizeable Trends in LED Videowalls, from application to installation

Sizeable Trends in LED Videowalls

We’re all excited about the newest trends in LED! Did you know that prices in the dvLED market are continuously falling? This means that video wall solutions are a viable option for a broader range of customers with a broader range of uses. Large-palette digital signage is being seen in airports, theme parkers, universities, museums and more for the purpose of entertainment and information sharing. Steph Beckett led this panel of experts, including John Garmendi, Nick Mitchell, Jeff Blankensop and Rob Badenoch, in a discussion based on all of these trends and more.

The panelists focused on trends in installation, content and more in the dvLED market. The group believes that interactive content like digital canvasing will be the next big thing for entertainment purposes in regards to LED and dvLED displays. Another growing point in the market is using dvLED in transportation hubs. In this case, there’s a mix between entertainment and information sharing, so the content will be incredibly important. The group also talked about getting AV designers into a project sooner, especially when designing a building, school or other large location with lots of human interactivity.

Get more of the discussion on demand here.

Tensioned Advantage and Advantage with SightLine: Cable Drop. Jaw Drop.

SightLine Drop Cable

Our last session of ProAV day gave us a look at SightLine, Da-Lite’s cable drop system that creates the illusion of a floating screen. Using aircraft-grade cables, SightLine offers an adjustable solution by up to 70 inches. Gary Kayye spoke with Wendy Cox and Brian Schwartz about all that Da-Lite put into SightLine during this session.

SightLine’s hanging system allows for space above a display, which is useful in many installations. Cameras, speakers and other AV tech can now be installed in the space above the screen. Da-Lite also claims this system offers ease of ordering and installation. The best part? SightLine future-proofs the room due to its adjustable cables. And, it’s compatible with Tensioned Advantage and Advantage electric screens! Gary says this is great for UCC spaces of the future.

Thanks for stopping by this recap of Day 3 of LAVNCH WEEK 5. Remember to watch the day on demand. You can watch all three days on demand any time you want!