KEF Releases Ci200QSb-THX 8″ In-Wall or In-Ceiling Subwoofer

216x254_ci200qsb_thx_2-0816KEF announces a new edition to its ‘Q’ Series In-Wall or In-Ceiling architectural speakers – a THX-certified 8” square subwoofer with two operating modes.

In passive mode, two Ci200QSb-THX subwoofers can be wired in parallel with a set of KEF Ci speakers for added low-frequency response and emphasis, or you can use two Ci200QSb-THX subwoofers with a pair of KEF Ci speakers for even more low-end response. In passive mode, the low-frequency matches the response of the best 8” Ci speaker. Using even our smallest in-ceiling speakers — Ci50R, Ci80.2QR and CI100QR — the Ci200QSb-THX adds a remarkable bass response to any architectural sound system.

In active mode, the Ci200QSb-THX is matched with KEF’s 250WPC Class-D DSP KASA500 subwoofer amp to create an active in-wall (or in-ceiling) subwoofer with amazing low-frequency extension and emphasis. When configuring four Ci200QSb-THX subwoofers with a KASA500, THX Select 2 certification standards are achieved. When configuring eight Ci200QSb-THX subwoofers with a KASA500, THX Ultra 2 certifications standards are achieved.

The Ci200QSb-THX also features KEF’s Ultra-Thin Bezel (UTB) technology which offers the thinnest possible visible rim around the speaker assembly. With the speaker grilles in place the Ci200QSb-THX is indistinguishable from other KEF architectural speakers, giving installers and designers and amazing amount of freedom-of-placement.

All KEF Ci architectural speakers, including the Ci200QSb-THX, are manufactured to Marine Grade Construction standards — the grilles are coated via a proprietary process, the speakers include moisture-resistant terminations and finish materials, and the plastics are UV protected. They will ship in December and list for $400 each or $800 per pack.

Here are all the specs.