Kandao Technology Now Shipping Kandao Meeting 8K Conferencing Camera

Kandao Meeting
Kandao Technology is now shipping its 8K, 360-degree videoconferencing camera dubbed Kandao Meeting. Kandao Meeting combines two high-quality fisheye lenses, eight mic arrays and a speaker. It can be put in the center of a meeting room to capture all the attendees at 8K resolution, while automatically focusing on people as they speak. The remote participants on the other end will get a 1080p HD stream with close-ups of the speakers’ view, making them feel like everyone is in the same room.

By using AI-enabled facial recognition and eight omnidirectional microphones to pick up the sound, Kandao Meeting can automatically locate the active speaker and highlight his or her gestures and facial expression.

Kandao Meeting is compatible with Skype, Zoom, Webex and most other videoconferencing platforms with just a USB connection. To turn off the pop-up, 8K, 360-degree camera as a way to protect privacy, all a user has to do is press down on it. The camera needs no software for installs or upgrades.

As a smart conferencing camera, three different meeting scenarios were considered in its design. When the team has a discussion, the camera will show a split view of who is speaking. If the meeting is about presenting a proposal, the camera switch modes to deliver an exclusive shot of the principal speaker and will turn to others when necessary. The third mode shows a global view of all attendees without auto-focusing.

Kandao Meeting 360-degree all-in-one conferencing camera is $659.