Waves Audio Releases eMotion LV1 V11

eMotion LV1Waves Audio just announced the eMotion LV1 V11, an updated version of its eMotion LV1 live software mixer with new user-requested features, including the new MyMon Personal Monitor Mixing App.

Based on Waves SoundGrid technology, each of the mixer’s channels has its own plug-in rack capable of running up to eight Waves and third-party plug-ins. Subsequently, you can mix live with hundreds of your favorite plug-ins, all running inside the mixer. This adds the power and versatility of Waves plug-ins to the arsenals of engineers everywhere while shrinking the form factor of a full mixing system down to a portable carry-on size.

This digital mixing console for front-of-house, monitor and broadcast engineers has now been updated to V11, with new exciting features. These include Waves MyMon, a personal monitor mixing app for mobile devices, which communicates remotely with eMotion LV1. MyMon gives musicians on stage direct control of their monitor mix: they can adjust input levels, mute and pan, apply post-mix EQ and link channels to custom single-fader groups.

eMotion LV1 V11 also increases the aux and matrix channel count of each of the LV1’s three configurations. The 64-channel LV1 now features 16 monitor auxiliaries; the 32-channel LV1 now features 16 monitor auxiliaries and eight matrix mix busses; and the 16-channel LV1 now features eight matrix mix busses. Also, eMotion LV1 V11 expands the mixer’s I/O sharing abilities within a Waves SoundGrid network: Now, computers, DAWs and hardware I/O devices can be shared between multiple eMotion LV1 systems. Other new features in eMotion LV1 V11 include improved store/recall of sessions, scenes and snapshots; tap tempo on main toolbar; full integration with Waves’ award-winning V11 plug-ins; and full compatibility with Windows 10 and macOS 10.15 Catalina.

The mixer’s channel strip — its standard EQ, filters and dynamics processing — is provided by Waves eMo plug-ins: eMo D5 Dynamics, eMo F2 Filter and eMo Q4 Equalizer. The plug-ins are designed for maximum clarity and efficiency in a live environment. The eMotion LV1 also integrates with the Dugan Speech and Dugan Automixer plug-ins (purchased separately), which are easily accessible from each LV1 channel.

You can control eMotion LV1 using industry-standard hardware controllers, multi-touch screens and various portable devices, from four touch screens to a single laptop or tablet. Whatever device you are using, the LV1 has the same intuitive workflow, with a user interface built for flexibility and speed. Waves eMotion LV1 uses the Waves SoundGrid infrastructure for audio networking. It can be configured as a portable or stationary setup and can connect to any SoundGrid-compatible I/O or server. This means you can easily carry your mixer with you and run it anytime, anywhere — at home, in your hotel room, on the tour bus or at the live venue.

eMotion LV1 owners with a current Waves Update Plan can download the latest version of eMotion LV1 free of charge. And, here are more specs on the eMotion LV1 V11.