IDK Ships AV-Over-IP Bridge for IP-NINJAR and Dante Audio Network

IDK is now shipping its IP-NINJAR / Dante Audio Bridge (NJR-AB08DAN). The bridge transcodes audio signals directly between its AV-Over-IP 10G SDVoE-based IP-NINJAR and Dante environments. Audio signal transport is enabled from NJR transmitters to Dante devices and from Dante device to NJR receivers. The new IP-NINJAR Bridge eliminates the need for third-party converters and processors since they’ve integrated the encoding. Each NJR-AB08DAN can receive up to four audio streams from IP-NINJAR transmitters outputting up to eight channels in Dante protocol. Additionally, each bridge can accept up to eight-channel audio from Dante sources, outputting IP-NINJAR (SDVoE) protocol in up to four audio streams. This feature enables Dante audio embedding on HDMI signals and de-embedding through analog audio outputs at IP-NINJAR receivers.

Audio Features:

  • Transcode audio signal between IP- NINJAR (SDVoE) and Dante protocol
  • Receives up to four audio streams from IP-NINJAR transmitters and output as Dante protocol up to eight channels
  • Receives up to eight-channel Dante audio from Dante devices and output as IP-NINJAR (SDVoE) protocol up to four audio streams
  • Dante audio embedded on HDMI signal at IP-NINJAR receiver
  • Dante audio de-embedded to analog audio signal at IP-NINJAR receiver

Here are more detailed specs.

Check out a video of the IP-NINJAR from InfoComm 2019 below: