Hypersign Launches New DSaaS Program

hypersign new
Hypersign launched a new DSaaS (digital signage as a service) program Wednesday. DSaaS allows organizations to finance everything in their entire visual communications suite in what the company is calling a budget-friendly OpEx monthly payment. Hypersign’s comprehensive turn-key packages enhance DSaaS — meaning, hardware, software, installation services, warranties, maintenance packages and creative services can all be financed within one package. Below is a full list of all products and services available through DSaaS:

  • Hypersign+ Software subscription
  • Hypersign+ Extension subscriptions
  • All related hardware including displays, mounts and players
  • Full-term hardware warranty and maintenance
  • Asset library management with tagging feature
  • Installation/Integration services
  • Managed OS patching and AV updates
  • Elevated support center features
  • Full-time system MSP style monitoring and reports
  • Content creation services

DSaaS also provides benefits to organizations beyond the initial purchase. For example, this solution allows organizations to better plan for device lifecycles while easing the burden on IT teams through integrated maintenance and updates. Another advantage is improved agility by scaling devices to match business needs through hardware updates. Finally, when the term has ended, Hypersign ensures full data erasure of all player devices to maintain security.