ATEN Technology Offers New KVM-Over-IP Solution

aten switchATEN Technology released the CN9600 Wednesday. It’s a DVI KVM-over-IP switch with one local/remote share access port that allows for remote access of digital, video, audio and virtual media via remote control of a PC or workstation. Here’s how it works: a laptop is connected to the laptop USB console (LUC) port, which is then able to access any computer connected to the switch for easy onsite management with no additional monitor, keyboard and mouse required. Additionally, the CN9600’s virtual media function allows a user to perform diagnostic testing, file transfers or apply OS/application updates and patches from a remote console. System operators can monitor and access servers from remote locations using standard web browsers or Windows and Java-based application programs.

Other features include:

  • Secured remote data access with data encryption and advanced security features, such as LS 1.2 encryption and third-party authentication.
  • Bios-level access with no software installation required
  • Dual LAN and dual power for redundancy
  • Up to 1920x1200p@60Hz for both local and remote consoles

The CN9600 joins several other ATEN manufactured “work from anywhere” KVM over IP switches available to enterprise, healthcare, churches and organizations whose employee base is working remotely. Those solutions include:

  • CN8600 1-Local/Remote Share Access Single Port DVI KVM over IP Switch
  • CN8000A 1-Local/Remote Share Access Single Port VGA KVM over IP Switch
  • KN1000A 1-Local/Remote Share Access Single Port VGA KVM over IP Switch with Single Outlet Switched PDU

All the specs on the ATEN CN9600 DVI KVM-over-IP switch are here.