Higher Education and Digital Signage

With the hustle and bustle on college campuses, there is no better way to display information than with eye catching high-definition screens.


With students who have grown up surrounded by digital technology, digital signage has become an important tool on many college campuses to quickly and easily show information. Digital signage can be used all throughout campus, such as libraries, cafeterias, common areas in dorms, and stadiums. It is the most effective way to showcase information to students, faculty, and prospective students, like news, important messages, emergency notifications, wayfinding, and more.

Digital signage is a great way to display information throughout campus buildings, but it is even better when utilized in college stadiums.  Many football and basketball stadiums across the country have chosen to implement gigantic digital screens to provide their fans with the ultimate game experience. These screens provide a greater view of the game for everyone with multi-screen video walls to watch the action closely. As an added bonus, these screens create more opportunities than just showing the game: advertisements, special messages, halftime shows, and more can be displayed during break times.


Outdoor digital signage also works well for concession areas. Menu content can be quickly and easily changed, eliminating the need to manually change menu boards. Also, digital menu content is eye-catching and exciting compared to boring static signage, which further entices customers to make additional purchases.

The move from static to digital signage is becoming more and more common on college campuses to display information and is a great tool to create the ultimate fan experience in college stadiums.

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