Barco combines 4K and unparalleled ease of use in new range of high-end media servers

XPR-BMS_v1_White jpgKortrijk, Belgium, 17 June 2015 – Barco, an industry leader in professional visualization technology, today announces the launch of its XPR range of high-end 4K media servers. Together with the XHD range launched last February, these complete the Barco Media Servers range. The new offering adds 4K capabilities, unparalleled user-friendliness and elaborate preview functionalities to Barco’s impressive list of end-to-end visualization solutions. The Barco Media Servers range will be available in three versions: the XHD-200, XHD-400, and the brand-new XPR-600. The XHD series are shipping now, whereas the XPR series will ship from end of September 2015 onwards.

Following the launch of the XHD range in February, the XPR-600 further closes the gap between imagination and realization. “Media servers play a pivotal role in creating mesmerizing visuals for a live band, spectacular 3D projection mapping, thrilling theme park rides or showstoppers at an event or exhibition”, explains Peter Pauwels, Director Strategic Marketing V&H and Entertainment at Barco. “With the addition of the 4K capabilities, Barco’s range of media servers now truly enables unbridled creativity, complemented with intuitive, easy-to-learn controls for the most demanding shows. These fully integrated, visual production systems enable professionals to easily and confidently develop their show, from inception to realization.”

Powerful and easy to use
The XHD and XPR media servers pack all the tools needed to cover video professionals’ entire workflow, from design through to operation. Intuitive controls facilitate user-friendly operation, even with multi-screen set-ups. A short learning curve results in substantial savings on both time and money. In fact, it only takes a half-day of training for anyone to become an expert at complex 3D projection mapping and create sophisticated interactive projects without any external assistance.

Projection Study tool
Barco Media Servers are equipped with the Projection Study tool, a powerful solution that allows users to design a 3D projection mapping of a building or any other surface and subsequently show the optimal projector set-up locations and lens options in a matter of minutes. Furthermore, 3D design capability and visualization allows preview and adjustment of both pre-rendered and real-time content and deploying it in physical space. This results in quicker projector set-up and execution, leading to dramatically reduced costs. Additionally, the entire show can be tested before show time and ideas can be sold to customers before actually building anything.

Powerful software solution
Barco’s media server hardware comes, as standard, with the powerful X-AgoraTM software suite. Fully scalable and compatible with all popular media formats, the suite supports connectivity with various input types and controls. An advanced, yet easy-to use projection mapping tool makes it possible to deploy content onto the most challenging of surfaces. The latest software release now also adds connectivity with market standards, DMX using ArtNet and CITP. The media system captures and processes data in real time, thus creating interactive content for various types of displays, even at resolutions beyond 4K. Barco Media Servers provide a scalable platform where multiple servers can be linked together and synchronized down to the millisecond.

Creating moments, enriching life
Today’s spectators expect nothing less than total immersion and involvement in visual spectacles. Barco’s full product portfolio of projectors, LED walls, lighting, sound, and image processing enables visualization professionals to design, build, and execute a truly memorable event or landmark. The Barco Media Server connects everything together into a unique experience.