AI Month 2023 | AI and Meeting Rooms & Classrooms

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Everyone likely already knows that AI can be used to handle repetitive tasks across an organization making everyone more efficient, but that’s just the boring part of AI.

AI can, and will, help businesses and schools accelerate voice control, solve ambient noise problems, simplify meeting and class notifications, help integrate NLP (Natural Language Processing), speed-up workplace communications, simplify and automate camera operation and deepen the analytics for the meeting rooms and classrooms — allowing every purchase to be both connected to an ROI as well as be justified pre-design. And, all of this will be driven by AV professionals.

During this second session of AI Month explore where you can participate in accelerating the use of AI in meeting rooms and classrooms as well as give you a better understanding of its future impact.

Watch the second session of AI Month (and earn 0.5 CTS RUs) here. AI Month is sponsored by Sony.

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