Germany’s Largest ‘Extended Reality’ Entertainment Space

hologate world

The first HOLOGATE WORLD will open its doors in September this year as a key attraction in FLAIR, a newly modernized urban marketplace in Fürth, Germany.

Embedded between the Neue Mitte, town hall and city theater, FLAIR is Fürth’s largest retail property with 18,000 m². It’s a three-floor shopping and adventure experience sporting a new motto: “Wow-Shopping.”

Shopping there might offer more than 60 tenants, but the “wow” will certainly come from HOLOGATE WORLD, which features the latest virtual reality systems, revolutionary extended reality escape rooms and a competitive esports arena.

HOLOGATE also promises several new proprietary entertainment experiences, each making their world premiere at this opening. Add a bar, a lounge with food service, and some indoor and outdoor areas for gathering, and this attraction makes the reality of shopping into a first-class virtual experience.

“We are very excited to be partnering with P&P Group on this game-changing project. With the introduction and inclusion of fresh, never-before-seen, immersive entertainment options, alongside our iconic ARENA and BLITZ systems, and all within a large, socially focused, fun-for-everyone space, HOLOGATE WORLD presents the next level of immersive location-based entertainment for HOLOGATE and the industry as a whole,” said Leif Petersen, HOLOGATE CEO and Founder.

HOLOGATE says its ARENA is “the most successful turnkey multiplayer VR system in the world.” Running an extensive games library for all ages and skill levels, the system offers cooperative and competitive gaming with built-in communication and up to 10 screens displaying live gameplay, scores and videos. ARENA is sold as a turnkey solution: hardware, games, advanced backend and analytics. Up to 4 players effortlessly play within a small footprint of 25m² / 270 ft², using high-end VR headsets, haptic vests, and controllers. Premium, German-engineered structural components and purpose-built hardware are meant to provide long-lasting durability and the unit’s responsive lighting package is designed to attract visitors.

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BLITZ is a simulator engineered to marry two technologies: virtual reality and motion simulation.

HOLOGATE partnered with ARVI VR to bring their series of VR Escape Rooms to HOLOGATE. Adding Escape Rooms to its game library allows operators to provide longer experiences, filled with story-driven, brain-twisting, immersive challenges.

With the debut of HOLOGATE WORLD at this flagship location, Petersen hopes this can serve as a blueprint for further franchises, for locations looking for a modern entertainment facility to get people off their couches and back into their retail and hospitality locations.

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If you reading this in public, sitting with a mask on, or sitting in a work-from-home office, you may ask the obvious question: How do you make this safe for consumers in a pandemic?

First, in every location, every operator is subject to the rules established by its local and federal government.

Second, HOLOGATE WORLD is built around HOLOGATE’s HOLOGATE Hygiene and Safety Standards to offer a facility that caters to small groups for social safe fun with friends and family.

HOLOGATE tells operators: “Post Coronavirus, we must accept the reality that we will be unable to operate as we have before. Cleanliness and disinfection will have to become paramount to customers’ confidence in enjoying our attractions and location-based entertainment.

“We suggest two very effective cleaning methods for virtual reality headsets and accessories. Our Standard method (visual check, wet clean, dry wipe) and our advanced method (UVC light system).

“We have formed a partnership with Cleanbox, a leading manufacturer of premium, eco-friendly, UVC — Ultraviolet C, medical-grade cleaning equipment for the decontamination of virtual reality headsets.

“Having an ample supply of sanitizing wipes should be on your checklist and a priority for your location.

“Having a supply of disposal VR mask covers is recommended for players that might be hesitant to put a headset directly on their face. Especially for players wearing heavy makeup. This option should not replace the Standard or Advanced cleaning methods.

“And lastly, you will need to make sure that your staff understands constant cleaning and disinfection is now one of their top priorities and everyone’s responsibility. Staff should be highly visible when disinfecting. Staff should be assigned to a daily cleaning schedule, throughout every hour on the hour. Place customer anti-bacterial dispenser and/or disinfectant wipe stations throughout your facility so that they are visible and conveniently accessed. Be sure to take photos and video of your team in action to post to social media channels.”

There’s one final advice to operators: “Keep in mind to slow down and adjust your throughput expectations for your team and customers.”

In other words, even virtual worlds need to face reality.