My Favorite Holographic Projection Company Was Just Purchased by Magic Leap

I suspect most of you reading this will have never heard of MIMESYS — but, I certainly have. When I first saw their technology in person, I immediately thought of how Cisco would have loved to have this back when they were pitching their telepresence systems. Imagine being able to “teleport” someone into a meeting where they are sitting in real-life proportions (in 3D) at the same table as you.

To explain, visually, what I am trying to explain with blog text, watch this scene from Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith — this is where the Jedi Council is meeting with Anakin Skywalker (before he becomes Darth Vader.

Do you notice how some of the Jedi’s on the Council are there in real-life but some are holograms?

Well, this is exactly art MIMESYS is able to do. They call it “co-presence” technology and the Mimesys platform enables volumetric telepresence for real-time collaboration and communication. It has ground-breaking potential. Now, watch this video of MIMESYS working:

So, this past weekend, Magic Leap — the XR (mixed reality) company that’s been the darling of tech for about three years while they ready an XR headset (pictured below) for AR and VR collaboration) — purchased Belgium-based MIMESYS for an undisclosed amount. And, MIMESYS was still in beta.

“Spatial computing is going to change the way we think and work, leading to more collaborative, physically active, and magical experiences,” explains Remi Rousseau, CEO of Mimesys. “Concepts of communication imagined in science-fiction in the past 30 years are becoming now technically possible. We had the chance to work with Magic Leap Spatial Technology early on, were impressed by their technology and excited by the possibilities of co-presence on the platform. We are thrilled to be joining the Magic Leap family and to integrate the co-presence technologies into their spatial computing platform.”

Mimesys’ platform enables volumetric telepresence for real-time collaboration and communication using Magic Leap’s spatial computing. Now, with Mimesys joining the Magic Leap family, Magic Leap has the most robust, true spatial, volumetric co-presence and communication solution on the market today.

“As we expand the spatial computing ecosystem integrating a best in class communication and collaboration solution helps us to further fulfill the promise of the next computing platform,” explained Omar Khan, chief product officer, Magic Leap. “The spatial co-presence platform the Mimesys team has created is remarkable and we are thrilled to have them as part of our team. We look forward to further expansion of co-presence and collaboration tools on the Magic Leap platform.”

They’ll be at InfoComm in a private suite and, if you’re lucky, you’ll get to see the technology but, in the meantime, watch Star Wars: EPISODE 3 (Revenge of the Sith) and you’ll get to see how it will work a few times during the movie!