4 Things You Should Know About AR/VR/MR

May 17, 2021

Daria Fedko worked for an information technology development company in the Ukraine. One day a client asked her, “What do you know about AR?” While she had plenty of IT background, Daria really didn’t know anything about AR. She looked it up on Google, researched articles, talked to people in the field and read until […]

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The Built Environment

March 3, 2021

Many of us (if not all of us) who work in AV-based technologies have a co-dependent relationship with the built environment. Suppose you’re unclear of what the built environment is, I’ll sum it up quickly. In that case, it references the designed architecture and sculpted living environment that surrounds us and has been built by […]

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Now disguise r16 Is Live

August 7, 2019

disguise has announced the release of r16, improving the workflows for projection and AR projects. Developments to the user experience include a complete design overhaul to improve the execution and usability of the Cue List, more flexibility to work with external control systems and a multi-edit function to streamline workflows when working with groups of […]

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My Favorite Holographic Projection Company Was Just Purchased by Magic Leap

May 20, 2019

I suspect most of you reading this will have never heard of MIMESYS — but, I certainly have. When I first saw their technology in person, I immediately thought of how Cisco would have loved to have this back when they were pitching their telepresence systems. Imagine being able to “teleport” someone into a meeting […]

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New Moverio BT-35E HDMI and USB-C Smart Glasses Use Si-OLED Wearable Display Technology

August 14, 2018

Designed for use with existing hardware devices, Epson today launched the new Moverio BT-35E AR (augmented reality) Smart Glasses. Featuring an interface unit with HDMI and USB Type-C ports, Moverio now functions as a wearable display for any standard HDMI (HDMI1.4) output device, as well as any USB Type-C output device supporting DisplayPort Alt Mode, […]

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Cinionic and AMD Partner on Interactive and Augmented Reality Lobby Experiences

June 12, 2018

At CineEurope 2018, Cinionic and AMD will showcase the world’s first multiplayer, Augmented Reality (AR) cinema lobby gaming applications aimed at creating a new social adventure in theaters and other location-based entertainment venues. The multiplayer experience represents the first time that digital cinema lobby signage combines with multi-player augmented reality (AR) technology. Movie exhibitors can […]

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Lightform Debuts Augmented Reality-Based Projection Mapping System

June 7, 2018

Lightform is a design tool for projecting augmented reality (and image mapping) that works with ANY projector brand.  If you’re one of the more than 7,000 people who have watched or attended one of rAVe’s founder Gary Kayye, 4K keynotes, you may remember him showing you his vision for the future of meeting rooms and […]

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Joel’s InfoComm Observations Day 1: Coffee (or Lackthereof) and Phone Handles

June 6, 2018

I arrived at the show this morning on the first bus at 6 a.m. thinking that I could beat the lines at the Starbucks here at the Las Vegas Convention Center. Boy, was I wrong. There were 200 people in line for coffee when I got here, and I am not a patient man, particularly […]

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Lost in Virtual Space

March 26, 2018

Last month, we talked about AVaaS, (Audio Visual as a Service) and how it relates to the future of the rental and staging segment of our industry. My basic premise was that the current wave of cloud-based digital offerings has distorted our definition of the word “service,” much as social media has distorted our definition […]

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How Wearables, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality Will Make a Difference in Education

March 14, 2018

For decades, new technologies have promised to transform education. Every year, educators are bombarded with top-ten technology lists that promise to transform their practice, their classrooms and even school as we know it. Often, these market-driven approaches represent attempts by technologists to solve what they view as problems in education. While many such solutions are effective in solving specific problems or in meeting certain […]

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Nine Tips to Bridge the Cybernetic Design Gap

March 5, 2018

Before you commit to incorporating augmented or virtual reality into your design process, consider these scenarios that could harm, rather than help, your final outcome. Much like Doctor Who’s TARDIS, the toolbox for design just got a lot bigger on the inside. What was once relegated to testing labs, tinkerer’s garages, and a relatively small segment […]

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IHSE to Demonstrate the Extension and Switching of Virtual and Augmented Reality Signals

February 8, 2018

At Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) in Amsterdam, IHSE will be introducing a solution to extend and switch immersive reality signals over long distances using Draco KVM systems. The new solution addresses growing interest in virtual and augmented reality (VR/AR) systems in a wide variety of pro AV market sectors; in corporate and education applications such as product design and prototyping; in situational training […]

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So You Want to Go to CES? Nah, No You Don’t. Really, You Don’t – Here’s Your CES 2018 Guide So You Don’t Have to Go

January 8, 2018

During the CES (Consumer Electronics Show) each year, nearly every big consumer tech company debuts something new — and many of them will declare it “disruptive” or “game-changing” or “innovative” or one of a dozen or so other self-congratulatory adjectives that mean nothing. And all the while, the city for Las Vegas commences to ripping people off […]

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More OLED-on-Silicon to Come from New Joint-Venture

January 5, 2018

One of the display technologies that is being used in Virtual Reality (VR) headsets is OLED-on-Silicon. Recently, a new partnership was formed between US-based Kopin and two Chinese partners: BOE and Olightek. The three have agreed to form a Joint Venture (JV) to build new state-of-the-art OLED-on-Silicon manufacturing facility in China to serve anticipated needs […]

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Augmented Reality Will Change Our Industry

December 20, 2017

In my last column, I wrote about how virtual reality will offer amazing opportunities for integrators working in higher ed. A few days after I finished, I read an article that made me think about how augmented reality will change the basic functions of our industry. The article is titled “Why Every Organization Needs an […]

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Losing Our Lunch

October 26, 2017

This morning I was involved in testing two of the new virtual reality conferencing environments. As most of you will be painfully aware, the conferencing industry has gone through a number of revolutions in the past decade, from videoconferencing to telepresence to collaboration and now on to VR. At each of them, we tout the […]

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Can AV Pull Off a 360?

August 24, 2017

The onslaught If you have been to any of the major electronics shows this year, or even if you have only been looking at websites for the advance sales for the holiday season, it is pretty obvious that this year’s hot holiday gift will be VR equipment. All of the major gaming manufacturers, the major […]

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Reality – What a Concept

June 13, 2017

It’s hot here in Orlando. Both outside, (where the humidity is curling my hair) and inside the Orange County Convention Center, where the largest InfoComm show ever is less than 24 hours from opening. The rAVe booth is set, and the crew is checking out our equipment, preparing to bring you all the latest product […]

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State of the, Um, Art

May 24, 2017

If you move back in history, the human race progresses from crude tool to artform along a predictable path. For instance, once humans learned to break rocks, that path began. We progressed from using the rocks to break each other to turning the broken rocks into crude tools and then to using the crude tools […]

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VESA Forms Special Interest Group Focused on Emergent Virtual and Augmented Reality Markets

May 10, 2017

The Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA) today announced it has formed a Special Interest Group (SIG) that addresses standardization for the fast-growing augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) markets. Well known for developing the ubiquitous DisplayPort and Embedded DisplayPort (eDP) standards, VESA also previously defined the long-standing Extended Display Identification Data (EDID) standard–which works with VGA, HDMI, DisplayPort and […]

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Must-Have AV Business Trends – Augmented Reality, Touch Screens, and Live Streaming

March 8, 2017

We had a lot of fun last week researching the AV demands of Generation Z, especially as those demands related to higher education. Now we are going to address the overlap of three of those demands as they relate to business success. They are augmented reality, touch screens and live streaming. For each trend, we […]

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Epson Debuts AR (Augmented Reality) Glasses

February 8, 2017

Epson is debuting a new version of their Moverio glasses, dubbed the BT-350, designed for augmented reality (AR) applications in museums, opera houses, exhibition halls and conferences. The BT-350 are Si-OLED-powered, binocular see-through smart glasses designed for commercial use, and in cultural and entertainment venues. With the BT-350, unused display space appears truly transparent thanks to our Si-OLED micro display technology and […]

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2017: The Predictions You Didn’t Hear About

January 18, 2017

You know 4K video, AVB, laser projectors and most anything Ethernet-equipped will have a big year in 2017, but there are two technologies that people are only whispering about that you should pay attention to this year. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Augmented Reality (AR) will both pop up to the level of common conversations this year. I’m not suggesting either […]

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Immersive Technology Zone Powered by Holovis Announced for ISE 2017

January 3, 2017

Integrated Systems Europe has announced that a new Immersive Technology Zone will be premiered at ISE 2017. The new feature will be produced and managed by Holovis, a world leader in sensory experience design in the entertainment, industrial and retail sectors. The ISE Immersive Technology Zone will take the form of a dedicated area within […]

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Planar Systems Acquires NaturalPoint

November 8, 2016

Planar Systems, a Leyard company, announced today that they have entered into a definitive merger agreement to acquire NaturalPoint, a company that’s in the optical tracking and motion capture solutions markets, for $125 million in an all-cash transaction. The acquisition brings Planar closer to strategic opportunities in augmented and virtual reality and in other market […]

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Accessibility for Everyone in a Virtual World

August 21, 2016

A great deal of digital ink has been spilled on the phenomenon of Pokémon Go, including on these very pages by Gary Kayye, on the AV Power Up! podcast and, of course, by yours truly. There is one more thought which I’d like to share before I wander off to talk about something else, which […]

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You Can Have My Pokémon

July 27, 2016

The recent obsession with Pokémon Go has caught my attention. As a lover of anime and an avid gamer, you would think that I would be all over this. Yet, I am not. I started hardcore gaming at the age of nine when my parents finally bought a console for the house – the NES. […]

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A Crack in the Wall Between the Real and Virtual Worlds

July 18, 2016

Assuming that you’ve not been living under a rock, you’ve at least heard about the Pokémon GO! craze. For the uninitiated, Pokémon Go is an augmented reality game produced by Niantic (in partnership with Nintendo, which owns the rights to the intellectual property on which it is based) in which one needs to hunt the […]

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Virtual Reality: Opportunities for the Classroom, Part 2

February 4, 2016

I don’t like writing about the same thing two columns in a row. However, since my last column on virtual reality in the classroom I have heard from several readers with thoughts and questions. While a few of them were along the lines of “this is just like 3D, a passing fad,” but more of […]

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Planar Launches New PlanarView Visualization App

January 27, 2016

Planar Systems today introduced the PlanarView Visualization App, an augmented reality tool that they say transforms the way people envision and plan their display environments. The free app for display solutions, PlanarView makes it possible to virtually design and visualize display solutions into a user’s actual environment. Utilizing augmented reality technology, this app enables customers […]

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This Week (In AV and IT) 12/4

December 4, 2015

Shure Wireless Systems Dominate American Music Awards (11/30) The 43rd Annual American Music Awards were broadcast on ABC on Sunday night, November 22. Hosted by Jennifer Lopez at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles, the program presented the fan-voted honors along with a series of high-profile performances, highlighted by a vocal interpretation of the classic […]

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Convergent TechWeek 10/30

October 30, 2015

Virtual Anatomy 101 Robert Hasel had an idea about how to change the teaching of human anatomy for medical, dental, and health science students which, instead of cutting into a real human corpse, involved wanting his students to get immersed via virtual and augmented reality. Hasel is associate dean for simulation, immersion, and digital learning […]

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