Electro-Voice Shows New EVERSE 12 With 128dB Output from Battery-Operated System

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Electro-Voice debuted the EVERSE 12, a larger and louder 12” two-way option for wireless portable sound. EVERSE 12 has a maximum SPL rating of 126 dB (compared to the EVERSE 8’s 121 dB), low-frequency response reaching down to 45 Hz and wide 100º x 60º coverage.

Combine EV’s sonic clarity with this SPL capability and bass reproduction and Electro-Voice says users have a portable powerhouse that’s suitable for an array of scenarios, whether it’s a rooftop DJ set, a patio gig, an outdoor wedding, expos and events, busking by the beach, or making a backyard party sound like a professional production. The company says it’s perfect for musicians, DJs, rental companies and any audio enthusiast looking for big sound that’s good to go, no power cord needed.

The company says the EVERSE 12’s custom-designed high-capacity Li-ion battery pack further enhances its appeal, optimized for audio use and providing power for 12+ hours at an average SPL of 100 dB with typical program material or 6+ hours at the maximum output level before limit indication, surpassing the EVERSE 8’s equivalent performance at 95 dB. Protection circuitry reduces the risk of the battery discharging to such a low voltage that it can no longer be recharged – for example, after long periods in storage. Tool-free screws facilitate effortless removal of the battery pack.

Beyond its output and endurance, Electro-Voice says the EVERSE 12 is equipped with an array of premium features including weatherized design, a high-output titanium-diaphragm compression driver, true wireless stereo streaming and app control/mixing. According to the company, these features “ensure that the EVERSE 12 excels in every critical detail while seamlessly transitioning from indoor to outdoor settings.”