Shure Announces Microflex Advance MXA901 Conferencing Ceiling Array Microphone

ISE 2024 Story Images (6)Shure announced the launch of the Microflex Advance MXA901 Conferencing Ceiling Array Microphone, featuring a low profile round form factor, available in white, black and aluminum finishes. Following the launch of MXA902 in 2023, Shure says the MXA901 expands the Microflex Ecosystem TM portfolio with a modern audio solution ideal for delivering enhanced directional voice capture and reproduction with minimal setup required.

Additionally, Shure announced a preview of Designer 6.0, the next generation of the Designer configuration software. Designer 6.0 represents a complete overhaul of the software’s workflows and user experience, making it easier to configure, deploy and manage hardware devices within the Microflex Ecosystem portfolio, including the MXA901.

Shure says the MXA901 offers flexible installation options with a sleek, low-profile design to meet the needs of today’s modern workspaces and minimizes on-table clutter. Available in white, black and aluminum, the 13.5 in (34 cm) diameter round form factor is unobtrusive in nearly any architectural setting. It features six available accessory mounts to ensure compatibility with most ceiling types. Plus, the MXA901 is scalable from small to large meeting spaces with one or multiple arrays.

The company says the MXA901 is designed with Single Zone Automatic Coverage Technology, which covers a 20’ x 20’ space with minimal configuration needed, enabling users to automatically capture the talkers they wish to hear and avoid distracting noise. MXA901’s onboard IntelliMix DSP includes Automatic Gain Control, Acoustic Echo Cancellation, Noise Reduction and Automatic Mixing to deliver sound for all participants.

Reimagined and re-engineered from the ground up, Shure says the Designer 6.0 features completely new workflows, an improved user experience and interface with Dark Mode available for both Mac and Windows platforms. Shure says additional benefits of the company’s newest Designer software include:

  • The streamlined system allows users to easily navigate through different rooms and devices, drag and drop desired system components on the workspace and save-as-room designs to create templates.
  • With Designer 6.0 design templates can be locally stored or shared for an easier collaboration. No more import/export of database, making configuration work intuitive and user-friendly.
  • Communicate confidently as Designer 6.0 supports standard-based 802.1x security protocols to manage and storage sensitive data across platforms.