DiGiCo to Show New Products and Upgrades at InfoComm 2019

Drawing more than 40,000 attendees each year, InfoComm ranks as North America’s largest dedicated pro-AV exhibition and frequently serves as one of DiGiCo’s primary global launch sites for new products. This year promises to be no exception, as DiGiCo will be showcasing a variety of exciting new offerings as well as upgrades to its current lineup on stand 6081 from June 12 to 14.

Fans of Audinate’s popular Dante protocol will be pleased to learn that DiGiCo will be showing the new DMI-Dante 64@96 card in Orlando for its 4REA4, S-Series and select SD-Range consoles (SD12 and SD7 Quantum). Providing 64 input and 64 output channels at both 48kHz and 96kHz, the new DMI (DiGiCo multi-channel Interface) card is equipped with primary and secondary (backup) Gigabit Ethernet ports for connection and uniquely offers a Sample Rate Conversion feature. Natively allowing DiGiCo products to communicate with other devices on a Dante network, the DMI-Dante 64@96 effectively doubles the previous DMI Dante card’s I/O channel count at the higher 96kHz resolution.

InfoComm 2019 also sees DiGiCo reveal Mustard, a new set of algorithms and options for SD7 Quantum channel strip processing that offer enhanced flexibility and choice when extra control and creative adjustment is needed within a mix. Making full use of the Quantum engine’s new seventh-generation FPGA infrastructure, the Mustard channel can be used in conjunction with the standard SD processing to add pre-amps, filters, EQ, gate and a selection of compressor types to any existing channel strip.

The Mustard Tube options include a fully controllable Pre-Amp Modeler, which gives users access to every aspect of their front-end drive, while the Mustard Dynamics include Vintage VCA and Optical compressor types that emulate some of the best-known devices available. All of this will enable users to add classic character and new textures to drums, bass, vocals and guitars.

DiGiCo will furthermore be revealing the Spice Rack, which delivers additional new processors that can be freely inserted on any channel type in any position. Controlled from the Master screen and its worksurface controls, the first addition to the Spice Rack will be a six-band compressor, which includes two floating bands and allows complete, detailed control of envelope shaping for definable frequency bands.

New software upgrades for the SD12 and SD10, which take both consoles to new levels, will each be seen at InfoComm as well. With the SD12 96 upgrade, users can beef up their SD12 desks, expanding them from 72 to 96 channels and from 36 to 48 aux/sub groups. Aside from the SD12 96 chargeable upgrade, the new SD10+ upgrade comes free of charge. Only available for Core 2 consoles, SD10+ expands the already powerful SD10 from 132 to 144 input channels. The two upgrade packages continue DiGiCo’s commitment to providing additional value on clients’ original console investments, and both are now currently available from the DiGiCo online shop.

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