CTS Program Continues to Grow Worldwide


In the past few months the Certified Technology Specialist program has broken records and has had AV pros from all over the world bring CTS to their countries. In fact, this month, Godfrey D’Sa, Technical Director of Innovative Systems and Solutions in Mumbai , became the first CTS-I holder in India.

“CTS-I certified, oh what a feeling!” D’Sa says. “It’s fun to learn new things, and getting certified gives you a feeling of achievement.”

Having been in the audiovisual industry for the past 20 years, he says every moment has been a learning experience. D’Sa says that thanks to his colleagues at Innovative and the exposure to InfoComm University’s online and classroom training he was gaining knowledge throughout his CTS journey.

“After getting the CTS my next target was the CTS-I, with a little coaxing from David Labuskes, Executive Director & CEO of InfoComm International,” he says. At the InfoComm show in Mumbai, many of us pledged to be CTS holders before the next InfoComm Show in India — I’ve kept to my word.”

D’Sa asks, “Guess what’s the next target on my list?” Perhaps the CTS-D? Then we could congratulate the first dual holder from India, a first of many to come.

Hear more about what makes India such an exciting place to practice pro AV in this podcast with D’Sa, Gaurab Majumdar, InfoComm Country Manager in India, and T.S. Gopalakrishnan, CTS, an InfoComm University instructor.

Are you CTS, yet? If not, go learn why you should be.