Middle Atlantic Granted Power Protection Patent

middleatlantic-patent-1015Middle Atlantic Products today announced that its Series Protection technology has been awarded a U.S. patent. Middle Atlantic claims that their Series Protection system is engineered with non-sacrificial and non-degrading protection to ensure system reliability by effectively absorbing surges without contaminating the system ground. It safeguards against both under- and over-voltage events, with automatic recovery that does not require a hard reset after a surge event — a feature that minimizes system downtime.

Patent US 8947844 B2 addresses the design of Series Protection technology, which is capable of detecting a surge event before the voltage spike reaches extreme levels, resulting in unprecedented response time. The technology’s energy storage capacitors are also kept discharged or minimally charged under normal voltage conditions to provide significantly increased reliability.

This will be interesting to monitor as many of the power protection vendors use a similar method as Middle Atlantic. Here is where to find them on the web.