CTOUCH Launches a Collaboration System for Microsoft Teams

CTOUCH entered the UCC market with a collaboration system for Microsoft Teams called Leddura 2Meet Teams. Following up on their Leddura 2Meet Skype for Business back in 2017, CTOUCH aims to make the transition to Microsoft Teams collaboration easy.

The integrated system allows you to draw, meet, share and book a room directly on a touchscreen while using Microsoft Teams. Using a pretty simple user interface with only three buttons, the new Leddura Teams is compatible with Barco Clickshare and adds a sticky notes-esque feature.

One new feature is a human detection system tat recognizes if someone is in the room and will allow for auto-activation and shut-down. The system is still compatible with Skype for Business and voice recognition technologies like Cortana and Google Assistant — but, not Alexa.

Here are all the specs.