Aurora Multimedia Debuts 4K Two-Input, Eight-Output HDMI and PoE Splitter & Scaler

Aurora Multimedia announced the DXE-218, an eight-port 4K60 4:4:4 HDMI PoE Splitter with downscaling per individual output. The unit delivers individual port-level CEC control, EDID management, Hot-Plug Detection and EDID reporting per output. This is all done through the LAN port for full control and statistics of all ports.

The downscaling per output allows 1080p screens to be utilized on the same splitter with a 4K60 source. In addition, the DXE-218 has two input ports to select from to change content remotely.

Depending on the network switch, the DXE-218 can even be power controlled remotely. Here are all the tech specs.