Neets Launches Link Keypad System Called UniForm

Neets launched a new control keypad called UniForm. The new keypad introduces E-ink labeling technology. Integrators installing keypads will no longer have to deal with printing and cutting labels or stickers as E-Ink is all-electronic. The Neets Control — UniForm configuration is made onsite and uploaded using the USB at the bottom of the device, accessible even after mounting.

The design of Neets Control — UniForm is a minimalistic design and pretty creative. The design combines an E-ink label with the familiar button interaction of a traditional keypad. The Neets Control — UniForm is powered through PoE, too.

Every remote control in the room is unified in ONE control system. The Neets Control — UniForm is an extension of the Neets Keypad AV control system range. Here are more details.

Check out video of the Neets Control Uniform from ISE 2019 below: