Chyron LIVE Becomes All Cloud Production Platform

chryon live

Chyron released a series of updates to its Chyron LIVE cloud-native live production platform. With an emphasis on online production accessibility, remote production monitoring, smooth remote commentary, more intuitive illustrated replay and simpler graphics playout, the company says LIVE’s latest features continue to enhance the quality of livestreaming content that sports and news broadcasters can deliver to their online audiences.

Chyron says the capstone feature of the latest Chyron LIVE release is the new Multiviewer module, which provides four independently configurable multiviewers for monitoring remote productions with Chyron LIVE. With live video and audio monitoring of any source within Chyron LIVE, and the ability to easily share multiviewer pages with registered users, the company says the Multiviewer module is a great tool for remote directors and production staff to get an all-encompassing eye on the show.

Chyron says LIVE’s latest upgrades enhance every tool on the platform. LIVE now offers more PRIME CG graphics horsepower, with a new dedicated channel for the Matchpad sports playout module. Newly added support for PRIME Messages makes it easy to repurpose graphic templates into a catalog of rapid-recall scenes with story-specific data. Further improvements include the ability to add clips and replays into graphics as replaceable assets.

Chyron LIVE’s replay and telestration toolset receives a revamped interface to improve operator responsiveness during fast-paced sports productions. With dynamic playback speed control, more replay clip banks for telestration editing, simple in-scene tools for managing illustrations and rapid export clip functions, LIVE operators can keep up with all the highlight moments during a game, according to Chyron.

On the audio side, LIVE’s Commentary module receives new features to simplify connectivity for a remote sportscaster or news anchor. Chyron says the integration of the WebRTC protocol enables simple connection of local device audio through a single button click within the web browser, while a new audio mix-minus feature ensures commentators get clear production audio without feedback of their own voice.