Canon Launches MPAsp-H1003T Lithography System for 4K Displays

Canon just launched the MPAsp-H1003T, a flat panel display (FPD) lithography system. The display manufacturing solution is capable of resolving 2.0 micrometer Line/Space (L/S) features across Generation 8 glass panels, making one-shot exposure of 65-inch displays possible.

The MPAsp-H1003T claims to increase the yield of mass production of 4K 65-inch panels utilizing Generation 8 glass panels.

Canon FPD lithography systems employ a Reflection Projection Optical System for one-shot exposure and feature a wide-field exposure that enables manufacturing of large panels. Thanks to a newly developed projection optical system and proprietary Canon processing technology, the wide-field MPAsp-H1003T achieves the same 2.0 micrometer L/S resolution as its predecessor model, the MPAsp-H803T released in June 2013.

The MPAsp-H1003T also increases the Canon FPD lithography system maximum area for one-shot exposure of displays from the previous limit of 58 inches to 65 inches, resulting in a 37 percent reduction3 in cycle time for 65-inch display exposure versus previous models.

Along with the demand for higher-resolution patterning for high-definition flat panel displays, pattern overlay accuracy has become an increasingly important part of the manufacturing process. Non-linear (distorted) components are considered the primary cause of diminished overlay accuracy. To mitigate this problem, the MPAsp-H1003T uses a combination of a simultaneous multipoint alignment system and magnification compensation technology to achieve a 10 percent improvement in overlay accuracy compared with previous Canon models.

The MPAsp-H1003T can also employ a dual-inline configuration in which a single coater-developer tool supplies two FPD exposure systems. This Multi-Module on Glass (MMG) processing approach exposes two different-sized display panels on a single glass plate to increase process efficiency and productivity. MPAsp-H1003T systems in an MMG configuration utilizing the MPAsp-H803T make possible optimized Generation 8 glass panel mass production without lengthening cycle times.

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So, we could see more 4K 65” panels coming quickly! If you’re interested in more, go here.