Cybersecurity and the Problem with OEMs

May 22, 2019

Last year, Crestron was the focus of some cyber activists who found vulnerabilities in Crestron touch controllers that could theoretically allow someone to use touch screens to spy on the person in the same room. This was covered in a class at a hacktivist conference called DEFCON and subsequently was written up in WIRED Magazine. […]

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The Truth, the Whole Truth and Nothing But the Truth

February 14, 2019

Ned Beatty, the highly regarded character actor, playing shady US Senator Charles F. Meachum in the 2007 film, Shooter famously said: “The truth is what I say it is.” I have a question for the AV industry – is it? (If you have seen or don’t remember the movie — the clip can be found […]

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Future of AV: Merging of Product Development and Marketing

December 28, 2018

Engineers invent and innovate. Products are created. Marketing promotes the products. Sales try to, well, sell the products. That’s the way it’s been done in product development for ages including in the audiovisual industry (AVL). And that’s the past. The future is the merging of Product Development and Marketing. Whereas the linear path described above […]

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Canon Launches MPAsp-H1003T Lithography System for 4K Displays

November 2, 2018

Canon just launched the MPAsp-H1003T, a flat panel display (FPD) lithography system. The display manufacturing solution is capable of resolving 2.0 micrometer Line/Space (L/S) features across Generation 8 glass panels, making one-shot exposure of 65-inch displays possible. The MPAsp-H1003T claims to increase the yield of mass production of 4K 65-inch panels utilizing Generation 8 glass […]

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The Real Cost of a Product

October 11, 2017

Any one in the AV industry who specifies, purchases, sells or buys the essentials we use every day to build our systems knows that these “products” have a host of internal costs built into the price we pay. Let me be very clear, the price I am talking about is the net cost of the […]

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As TV Makers Exit Plasma, Can They Make Up For It With LCD?

July 8, 2014

By Ken Park DisplaySearch The recent announcement by Samsung SDI that it will end plasma display panel (PDP) manufacturing this year also speculated that LG Electronics will shut its PDP business due to low demand, which would leave COC (Changhong) as the sole remaining plasma TV manufacturer. Earlier this year, NPD DisplaySearch predicted the demise […]

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