Beyerdynamic Expands SPACE Product Series With SPACE MAX Speakerphone

beyerdynamic infocomm

beyerdynamic is expanding its SPACE product series with the new beyerdynamic SPACE MAX speakerphone. Purpose-built for medium-to-large meeting spaces, the beyerdynamic SPACE MAX is a full-duplex speakerphone for $399. Leveraging a 360° SMART MIC TECHNOLOGY, beyerdynamic SPACE MAX guarantees maximum speech intelligibility and freedom of movement during phone calls or meetings with up to six participants. For larger conferences, two beyerdynamic SPACE MAX devices can be connected using the Conference Cascade mode, accommodating up to twelve participants.

The 360° SMART MIC TECHNOLOGY automatically detects voice or noise signals and effectively suppresses unwanted reverberation, echo, or feedback, setting new standards for echo cancellation. beyerdynamic SPACE MAX intelligently adjusts voice volume to ensure harmonious conversations, while the full-duplex capability allows participants to speak and be heard simultaneously, maintaining a natural conversation flow.

beyerdynamic SPACE MAX connects via USB or Bluetooth. Its illuminated LED panel provides operation and access to essential functions during calls or media playback. With IP64 certification, beyerdynamic SPACE MAX ensures protection against dust and splashes.

Here are all the specs: