Beyerdynamic’s PHONUM Bluetooth Speakerphone Now Barco Clickshare Conference Certified


Beyerdynamic announced that its wireless Bluetooth speakerphone, PHONUM, is now certified to work with the Barco ClickShare Conference. The company says PHONUM is designed for all types of meetings. Using audio or video call apps such as Skype or Zoom, PHONUM works as a portable hands-free solution in home offices, huddle spaces and small meeting […]

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Beyerdynamic Adds Firmware Update for Phonum


Beyerdynamic just announced a firmware update for Phonum, its wireless Bluetooth and USB speakerphone. This firmware update actually brings new features to its conferencing tool. One of the most notable updates is the improved button synchronization using Microsoft Teams when a USB connection is active (including easier answering/hanging up calls and synchronous mute functionality). It […]

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Beyerdynamic Adds Two Microphones to Touring Gear Series


Beyerdynamic has just added two new microphones to its Touring Gear (TG) series. The dynamic kick-drum microphone TG D70 and the instrument microphone TG I51 use die-cast zinc housing and have a compact design and features that enable them to be used in both the studio and on stage. The second generation of the TG […]

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Beyerdynamic Releases Third Generation of Tesla Hi-Fi Headphones


Beyerdynamic’s new T1 and T5 — the third generation Tesla Hi-Fi headphones will be available for purchase in September 2020. The T1 headphone, with its open design, offers a three-dimensional sound experience using Tesla sound transducers. While the T5 is a closed high-end headphone — it allows users to listen to music without external noise. […]

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Beyerdynamic Releases Unite Wireless Intercom Bundles


Beyerdynamic announced its new Unite Wireless Intercom Bundles. The new bundles include: 1-TP Unite Bodypack Transmitter — Optimized for speech and includes an external microphone or headset connector. It has DSP function, three audio interfaces (USB, analog and Bluetooth), and a mute function. 3-, 7- or 11-RP-T Unite Bodypack Receivers — The receiver includes a […]

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beyerdynamic UNITE System Adapts to Use in Hospitals for COVID-19


beyerdynamic is sharing how its UNITE system allows hospital nursing staff to wirelessly transmit emergency signals from their patient’s monitoring devices directly to them. At a hospital in NYC that currently has multiple floors treating COVID-19 patients, nurses needed to be able to hear the monitor alarms that their patients were connected to while they […]

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Beyerdynamic Ships Unite AP4 Access Point


Beyerdynamic is now shipping Unite AP4 Access Point, a multifunctional device that can be used either as a four-channel transmitter or as a four-channel receiver for microphone operation with an individual return channel. The Beyerdynamic Unite AP4 expansion component via access point creates the ultimate solution for fixed installation applications. With the AP4, users can […]

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New UCC-Based PHONUM Audio System Debuts from beyerdynamic at InfoComm 2019


beyerdynamic officially launched its wireless Bluetooth speakerphone PHONUM at InfoComm 2019. The conferencing solution claims to turn any space into a meeting room — basically, it’s a wireless speakerphone you carry with you anywhere you need to have a call. It has three operating modes GECKO FIX, GECKO FOLLOW and GECKO 360°. PHONUM always adjusts […]

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Unite Tour Guide System from beyerdynamic to Make InfoComm 2019 Debut


beyerdynamic will officially debut Unite, a tour guide, interpretation, assisted listening and digital presentation wireless system, will make its U.S. debut in booth 5768 at InfoComm 2019. From tour guides, through voice transmission for speeches, to interpreter applications — Unite is marketed as a complete wireless solution. The silent public address provides support for people […]

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beyerdynamic Names New CEO


  beyerdynamic, Inc. announced that as of June 1, 2017, the administrative board named Dutchman Edgar van Velzen as the company’s new managing director. Together with Wolfgang Luckhardt, long-standing managing director, he is now at the helm of the Heilbronn, Germany-based audio specialist. Most recently, van Velzen was CEO of Teufel GmbH in Berlin, Germany. “We value the extensive experience […]

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New USB Microphone Now Available from beyerdynamic


beyerdynamic, Inc. has announced that the Classis BM 53 USB microphone is now available. The plug and play USB solution is designed to use for recording or transmitting sound using a laptop or PC. This USB boundary microphone is also perfect for teleconferences, video conferences, Skype conferences and teaching purposes. The microphone can be simply […]

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beyerdynamic Intros the TG 500 Wireless System


beyerdynamic, Inc will be debut the TG 500 at InfoComm in the Audio Pavilion, Booth 5775. The TG 500 is a wireless system that is value priced. It’s designed for performances on smaller stages, theatre productions, speeches or presentations. The beyerdynamic TG 500 system is available in five sets, each of which contains an individual receiver and two removable antennas. The TG 550 Vocal […]

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beyerdynamic inc. Launches New TG 1000 Wireless System with Dante


beyerdynamic, inc. will show a new version of the TG 1000 digital wireless system at InfoComm. This 24-bit system now has a Dante interface and can be integrated into digital audio networks based on the Audinate solution. The TG 1000 dual receiver is equipped with a Dante network interface in the form of an RJ45 connector flanked by […]

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beyerdynamic Launces Quinta TB Wireless Boundary Microphone


beyerdynamic, inc. will launch their new Quinta TB Wireless Boundary Microphone at InfoComm 2017next week. The Quinta TB wireless boundary microphones from the beyerdynamic Quinta product line is specifically for voice transmission during video conferences. Different operating modes can be set using the system software. In microphone mode, the Quinta CU acts as a multi-channel […]

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beyerdynamic Launches New Version of TG 1000 with Dante


beyerdynamic will be presenting a new version of the TG 1000 digital wireless system at the ISE 2017. This 24-bit system now has a Dante interface and can be integrated seamlessly into digital audio networks based on the popular Audinate solution. The TG 1000 dual receiver is equipped with a Dante network interface in the […]

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beyerdynamic Debuts New Gooseneck and Array Microphones with Programmable Button


beyerdynamic has extended its product range of the Classis installation microphone series with new gooseneck and vertical Revoluto Array microphones, which are fitted with programmable buttons. The button functions can be easily selected with a rotary control. By using the programmable button of the SP variants you can select the operating mode ON/OFF, Push-To-Talk or […]

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beyerdynamic Adds New Quinta TB Wireless Boundary Microphone


The beyerdynamic Quinta TB wireless boundary microphones act as a multi-channel receiver, in which case a maximum of four Quinta TBs (depending on the size of the room and the number of participants) can be operated simultaneously. In this mode, the software can be used to connect up to 9 central control units. In conference […]

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beyerdynamic Intros the Classis GM 315 RC and RM 31 RC Remote Control Gooseneck and Revoluto Vertical-Array Microphones


beyerdynamic, a world leading manufacturer of headphones, microphones and conference systems, is introducing the GM 315 RC and RM 31 RC: unique, versatile gooseneck and vertical-array microphones with remote control functions. The microphones are designed for flexible installation in boardrooms, educational facilities, podiums and houses of worship. Through this technology, users are able to select […]

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The beyerdynamic Revoluto Array Microphone Ships in White


The beyerdynamic Classis RM 30, also known as the vertical Revoluto array microphone, is now available in white. The microphone can be used for a variety of unique functions, including discreet ceiling installations for video conferences. In small or medium-sized video conference rooms, the Revoluto microphone can be mounted to the ceiling in front of […]

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A Visit with SYMCO


AV Distributor SYMCO rolled into town today for its annual roadshow. Various other commitments kept me from the various days’ events — including an end-users’ roundtable featuring not only one of our clients from SMW, but also one with whom I’d worked personally. However, I did have the opportunity for a quick stop to chat […]

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New beyerdynamic Revoluto Vertical Array Microphone Introduced


In 2006, beyerdynamic presented the first microphone with its patented Revoluto technology that was integrated with both horizontal array microphone capsules. At InfoCommn 2015 in Orlando, beyerdynamic introduced the newly developed vertical array microphone. With the vertical array, a horizontal corridor characteristic is created (horizontal cardioid, vertical lobar). This gives the speaker even more freedom […]

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