LG Digital Screens Showcased at InfoComm Cater to Food & Beverage Businesses

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ORLANDO, Fla., June 16, 2023 — LG Business Solutions USA didn’t bring the kitchen sink to InfoComm 2023, but its incredible booth has almost everything else for food and beverage businesses, including various DVLED and LCD digital displays ideally suited to provide digital signage, menu boards, and self-ordering kiosks. Integrators who want to bring clients the latest options and functions will experience various models ranging from 32- to 110-inch LCDs and custom-sized DVLED screens at Booth #1642 in the Orange County Convention Center.

“Lower-margin businesses often have the most to gain from more effective marketing and customer services, and LG’s leading digital displays provide brilliant canvasses that can present ads and promotional content, as well as direct purchase enticements on attractive digital menu boards,” David Bacher, Head of Marketing at LG Business Solutions USA said. “At InfoComm, we invite integrators who work with restaurants, bars, and QSRs to learn all about the latest tools and products that can help their clients simplify internal operations, boost sales and increase customer satisfaction.”

Booth visitors can experience the vibrant and engaging impact of LG’s large-screen digital signage display, a 110-inch 4K Ultra HD model (110UM5K) that offers up to 500 nits of brightness and has integrated 10W stereo speakers for ultimate system design flexibility. The display’s slim profile, high clarity, control system compatibility, and webOS functionality make it a powerful platform for messaging and video needs. It also offers LG’s Promota app that enables ad creation and implementation from PCs and mobile devices, including templates and customization options.

To provide a modern ordering solution, LG’s new Self-Ordering Kiosk (model 27KC3PK-C) features a 27-inch display with excellent touch sensitivity to provide restaurant-goers with vivid product images and videos while placing an order. For flexibility, the drawer-type design of the kiosk allows for convenient device maintenance of the receipt printer and card reader by simply opening the drawer without needing to disassemble the body. When not in use, it can be also utilized as a large advertising screen, showing branding content when in ‘standby’ mode. At the show, LG will demonstrate how the kiosk can be used with several OS-based payment solutions through partner collaborations.

Also unveiled at InfoComm for food and beverage businesses, LG’s all-new CLOi ServeBot autonomous robot (model LDLTR30) provides heightened efficiency at all types of restaurants through larger trays, stronger driving performance, weight sensors, and more. The upgraded CLOi ServeBot makes it even easier for restaurant owners to improve staff efficiency, safely deliver large amounts of food and dishes at once and provide patrons with a futuristic experience that encourages repeat visits and word-of-mouth promotion via social media.

Outdoor areas like drive-thrus will benefit from LG’s High-Brightness IP-rated Outdoor Displays, which offer a slim and robust design paired with outstanding visibility, rain, or shine. The 55-inch Outdoor Display (model 55XE4F-M) can be easily installed to meet the customer’s needs in external environments that require complex installation conditions – while upgraded brightness captures the attention of customers even under strong and direct sunlight. Additionally, with a brightness of 1,500 nits, the 22-inch Outdoor Display (model 22XE1J) boasts high visibility in bright environments. Its clear visibility can deliver a variety of information even to those wearing polarized sunglasses. Plus, a range of size options provides restaurants with use-case flexibility.

Designed specifically to eliminate glare for challenging lighting situations, the new High Haze UHD Series offers 4K displays with a 25 percent haze, thin bezels, and 500 nits of brightness. LG’s booth offers integrators a chance to see how the 43-inch version (model 43UH5J-H) holds up to the bright lights and reflections of a showroom floor, demonstrating how the displays offer excellent visibility, color, and clarity with additional sizes ranging from 49 inches to 98 inches. The conformal coating, LG Promota software, and compatibility with Crestron Connected® add installation, design, and content creation flexibility to make it a superior option for many retrofit and upgrade projects.

Restaurateurs and bar owners can also benefit from smaller displays for digital signage advertising, order verification, smaller rooms, and even menu boards, including the 32-inch Full HD Signage Display (model 32SM5J-B) that offers webOS 6.0, enabling powerful control of entire signage networks and content. The 1080p resolution is ideal for the smaller screen size, helping keep costs low while providing brilliant images for any need. It is also compatible with Crestron Connected® and LG’s simple Promota ad creation software.

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