Bart Kresa: ISE Opening Address

By Stella Shon

While audiovisual technology is often used for its traditional purposes, Bart Kresa is challenging these norms through his work. He is a master production designer, and his studio integrates new systems into digital art installations. As the presenter of the opening address of ISE 2019, he exemplifies how creativity is key to this rapidly growing industry.

His artwork, categorized as projection mapping, is nothing new. In his speech, he traced back the history of projection mapping to other artists who have used them in unique settings, such as in theaters or in operas. While artists have been implementing projection mapping for decades, he believes that there is room for improvement in this form of art.

“A lot of people treat [projection mapping] as an experimental thing, so I see a lot of people will try to project it onto somebody,” said Kresa. “But really, if we knew there was a history and learned from it, it wouldn’t be as experimental. The level of design would be a lot higher.”

Kresa believes that projection mapping can take the audience into a different world. He works closely with clients to fulfill their grandiose design ideas while following his step-by-step process. Before installing a piece, he described the phases that include technical preparation, on-site mapping, sketches and storyboards, design, and animation. While there is a lot of work that goes into projection mapping, the imagery produced is incredible.

Some of his clients, such as Universal Studios and Walt Disney, have hired Kresa to design these permanent outdoor installations. As a result, his studio has even been able to project beautiful imagery and video onto huge facades and monuments.

In 2017, HBO held a “Game of Thrones” party for their premiere of season 7. Kresa spent months working with the design team and projected the complex, moving videos onto the Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles.

He will be the teacher of The Bart Kresa Academy of Projection Design, which will coach artists into learning about this form of art. Kresa is excited to attend this year’s ISE and think of innovative ways to implement these new technologies.