My AV Pet Peeves

I’ve mentioned before that since working in AV, I’ve had my entire world flipped upside down when it comes to “experiencing” AV in the real world. Whether it’s at a concert, in a retail location, at an airport, or somewhere else, I’m CONSTANTLY noticing the littlest things about the AV integration and setups in different places.

While most of the time, I’ve learned to just appreciate an “AV job well done” in most places, I’ve also come to learn that I have grown to have some SERIOUS AV pet peeves. And because I thought it might be therapeutic, I thought I’d share a few (just a few) of my AV pet peeves with the AV community in the hopes that I’d find out that I’m not alone. Eh?

Here are just a few of my biggest AV Pet Peeves (in no particular order):

  1. When you’re in a bar or restaurant and the HDTV(s) in front of you (and all around you) does/do NOT have an HDMI cable plugged into it/them, thus negating the entire fact that the TV(s) is/are HD… (example pictured above). No seriously, I can’t stand this. Why spend the money on an HD 1080P TV if you’re not even going to have it plugged in correctly?! COME ON. DO BETTER. My eyes are bleeding from the blurriness! (Example pictured above).
  2. When the keystone alignment of a projector is off during a conference, a meeting, or a presentation of any kind. There’s an adjustment feature on every projector to fix the keystone alignment. Use it.
  3. Speaking of projectors, let’s discuss blurry presentations. Like the keystone alignment feature, there’s also a way to adjust the focus of the projector. Use that, too.
  4. Microphone feedback. I understand that this is a common occurrence and does happen, but when it happens 5, 6, 7, 8x during an event – there’s a problem. I don’t want to totally lose my hearing by the age of 40.
  5. Poor balance of sound. There’s nothing worse than being at a concert, or a performance, or even a church service and the balance is just totally off. Either the guitar is way too loud and the drums are way too soft or one vocalist is way overpowering another… I know that this can often be difficult to achieve “perfect” balance, and I’m not asking for perfection, I’m just asking to hear everything. You know? Right? Right.

Okay, I won’t drivel on and on and on about all my AV pet peeves… those are just a few of the more egregious ones that drive me batty. And please, tell me I’m not alone in this. What are YOUR AV pet peeves?

*this blog post is written in fun… while yes, these things do drive me a wee crazy, I’m not calling any particular person / people / organization out… 🙂